Cupcake for breakfast

Sunday morning I mentioned donuts, so Matt went to the gas station, and he took Keeley. He grabbed a 5 gallon can of gas we need, too. I had gotten some the other day (not a 5 gallon can of course, because I shouldn’t lift that much), but we used it in both mowers, so we were out.. anyway, I digress. The point is, he came home with some donuts and a cupcake. At like 7 in the morning. This was the result…at least it was whipped cream frosting! There’s still cake left, which I will portion out to her a bit at a time!

...worth a thousand words


When neither parent cares enough to try really hard... probably first and only time this will happen, ha!

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  1. Can you imagine how much of a TREAT that felt like? It’s okay to ditch the responsible decision for fun every once in a while.

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