Baby update, week 32 almost week 33!

Okay, I’m not sure where we left off last time, so I’m just going to do some general updates and hopefully you’ll deal with bullet points!

  • health–despite a diabetes scare for me, everything seems to be going fine. Baby’s HR was at 140, measuring right on at 32 weeks (maybe a small baby?– good for VBaC!– insert fistpump here!) my blood pressure was THE lowest I have ever seen, I think 118/70. At least I’m still alive! At my check up, they said I lost 2 pounds. I have had a cold twice now that’s stuck around, and I’m sure that had something to do with it. According to my scale, I’m up a bit from that now, so my guess is right around 11 lbs gained by my scale (around 15 by doctor’s office scale).
  • names– right now, we’re still sticking with an Irish first name, and middle name is up in the air. Surprisingly, we’re having more trouble with girls’ names than boy’s names. We have 2 boys names we really like, and 3 girls names that are equally fine, will just be a tough decision!
  • boy or girl?– you decide. Yesterday, someone said they thought I was having a girl, so far, the first to think so. Everyone seems to be on team blue. Shrug. Healthy is what we’re looking for. We’ll deal with the equipment later. I did have a momentary freak out, going, what if I DO get a boy, how on earth do I deal with it?… and then I realized that subtracting pink clothes and saying ‘pretty’ a lot, that’s how we’re raising Keeley, miss worms and dirt and gravel. Duh, never mind.
  • nursery–I think we’ve settled on ‘safari/jungle/wild animal’ as a theme. The paint is bicycle yellow, which is basically, well a pastel yellow with a hint of bright to it, so it should work for boy or girl, or office/guest room later on, unless we decide to change it before we’re done having kids! Before Keeley was born, I painted a couple of masks that were from the craft store, a giraffe and a lion. They are going to stay in the nursery, and kind of started the foundation for the theme. Works for me!
  • hospital tour- we toured one hospital and Matt said we should tour the one my doctor works at, where K was born, since we didn’t get to at any other point, so we have a group tour scheduled and are trying to get into a private tour, instead, since, you know, we would have to go there TWO days in a row, after he gets off work, that’s a lot of wear and tear and driving, not only on the car, but on us! Either way, if we find them equal, we’ll just stick to where my dr’s office is, since that would allow her to be closer to us in event of an emergency.
  • movement–so far, this kid is not much of a walloper compared to Keeley. I only get really good movement in the morning and night around waking/dozing and of course, after I eat or if I bend over, and in the evening when we’re all together, it must be ‘family time’ or something! It’s obvious that we’re growing right along, because when there is movement, it is quite noticeable. I think that’s my favorite thing about pregnancy, is feeling the baby move. I miss(ed) that the most once baby is out!
  • general update– well once I finally kicked the nausea and eating every hour and a half, and just got down to carrying this silly child, I started feeling better. I had 2-3 weeks of high energy where I tried to tackle things like weeding outside, cleaning major messes in the house, and so on. That energy has faded quickly. The last 2 weeks in particular, I’ve noticed I’ve slowed down, a LOT. I move slower, it’s harder to walk upstairs, it’s harder to WALK period. I’m trying not to let it get to me. It’s frustrating, though, when I’m so used to just busting through chores and being done, and it’s just not happening. I’ll be happy to have my pre- baby (yeah right) body back, but I know that means a lot of work is coming my way for the 2 months after that, so I’m keeping my knees squeezed tight when I sneeze, lol. Stay, baby, stay!
  • What I wanted to get done/what I HAVE done– personally, I wanted to start cooking freezer meals July 1 and have my bag packed. Right now, my bag is at least half packed and I haven’t started cooking yet–but the pantry is full of boxed pasta, canned food and little person snacks just in case. It’s only the 4th, so that’s not bad. I’m not technically due until the end of August, so I have some time. I did, however, make a list of things to go in my bag and have most stuff in there. I went and bought a 3 pk of underwear, washed them, and put them in the bag. My plan is to find some nursing tank tops and wash those and put those in the bag, too, and be done with clothing! Then I’d just have to pack a hairbrush, my sparse make up for pictures, and my face lotion, since I don’t have a spare of that. I have a pair of pajama pants in the bag, already, and socks and slippers, of course. The baby’s bag isn’t packed yet. K and I will visit 2 of my girlfriends on the 7th, and I let one of them borrow my diapers, I’m SO excited to get those back. Obviously, I need to rewash them, and sort through them and see what I have and try and figure out what else I REALLY need. In the meantime, I’ve won 2 mediums, a one size, a small, got a tester cover w/prefold in newborn, and cashed in a gift cert for 2 more small covers. I’m chomping at the bit to sort it all out and make my final (riiiiiiiight) orders to complete my stash. Then the baby’s bag will be packed!


so is there anything I haven’t mentioned that you’re curious about? Feel free to ask!


  1. You are so much better organized than I am. When I had my baby, we pretty much did it by the seat of our pants. Someone gave me a low bassinette, which is where my boy slept for the first three months of his life when he wasn’t in the portacrib right next to my bed. He had some clothes, but being born in at the end of April, he pretty much lived in diapers and lightweight t-shirts or onesies. I guess I wasn’t one for preparing. The two things I made sure we had before he was born was a carseat and a stroller.

    I’m interested in what names you might choose. Being Welsh, English and Norwegian on my side, German/Czech on my husband’s, we had nearly a whole world of names to choose. Other than his middle name (after my grandfather), we went biblical. Hard to go wrong there. We picked the name first, then looked it up and it turned out to be the name of the father of John the Baptist.

  2. Sayre, I think it’s the insanity of how Keeley came into the world that makes me want to have it all at least close to done by this time. I’ll write about baby names and have it post later this week.

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