Wordless Wednesday: Week 32 (just gimme 5 more weeks, Lord!)

The girls + ?

… and yes this is a TOTAL teaser shot of Keeley’s room… see how pretty!!!!

Baby hug!!!

Who needs bikinis when your stomach can have 'character' instead?

Notice the belly button, sewn shut, and the wide flat scar from my appendix, left side of photo, near the…well, what should be the waist!


  1. When ever I see pregnant bellies I think of how HIGH I carried Harper – my belly button was completely under my baby belly. The child practically crawled up my neck!

    Good luck – you can hang in there. 🙂

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I didn’t see all 3 pics before my comment. I was specifically referring to the first pic. But the others are good, too! We only did one exposed belly pic of me and it was with Jacob,a bout halfway along. I wish we had done more. Keeley is getting fabulous hugging practice!!

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