Terrific Tuesday (aka Keeley’s room revisited)

Okay since Fun Monday got canned for the summer, I no longer have my ‘get out there and blog’ weekly reminder. I have a few photos I’ll share with you later on in the week, but for now, here’s the room update: it is VERY close to done!

Now I am not anywhere NEAR stupid enough to say that it is totally done, because I’m sure this fetus would take it as an excuse to try and use my private parts like a log flume and jettison on out. NOT DONE FETUS, NOT DONE!

However, the floor trim is nailed in (gorgeously stained, at least in part, by yours truly!), the windows look great, the ‘inner’ room aka storage on the closet is painted (Keeley has already taken a pretend nap in there!), the closet shelf

and bar are installed, as well as the light and plug in fully functional and usable by a switch on the outside of the closet, the closet is trimmed and has wainscotting on the inside… it really looks nice.

I promise, pictures late Wed, Thursday at the latest!

Obviously, there are a few things that need tightened up: the suck-o job that the drywallers did means that around the outlet boxes and so on needs mudded, taped, sanded, smoothed and repainted, and of course we forgot the hinge for the window seat/toy box, so it needs picked up and installed. Everything else seems to work just fine and is ready to go when we are. Right now the plan is to finish all this stuff up this week and get K upstairs this weekend! That way, if there are ‘out of bed’ issues, Matt can do the running up and down a million times since he wont’ have to go back to work until Tuesday!

So for my part, I guess I get to pick out some cool baskets, hooks, or whatever for K’s closet and we need to get her some sort of solution for her clothing, a dresser or something! We even managed to sweep, dust mop, and regular mop her room while it is empty, so there’s not anything ‘cleaning’ wise that needs done to it (until the mud gets back in there of course)….

Since we can’t paint the nursery until K is out of it, Matt’s supposed to pick up all the stuff for trimming the bathroom and such this afternoon –guess where his list is? If you guessed at home, you’d be right! It may be a moot point, though, because I’m not sure if he even took the truck like he said he might, but anyway…. the plan is to get her moved, get the trim off the nursery floor, protect the carpet, paint the nursery, and then start decorating it, too. My evil, evil, plot is to get Matt to take me to Michael’s or a similar craft store and let me get baskets and such there. I have found some really cool masks that I’ve painted before, and may try and find some similar stuff. The nursery will be jungle/safari/wild animal in nature. I’m so excited, can you tell? Poor Keeley and the baby will finally get a decorated room at the same time, but oh well! We’re going with yellow for the nursery walls — very bright of course! I’ve got some of the stuff that hung on the walls in my room, too, and we’ll split that between the 2 kids, as well! Scroll down to see Keeley’s bed set, it’s like a woodland theme, and her walls are orange! Don’t worry, even though it’s a hugely bright orange, the white in the closet and the trim REALLY tone it down!

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Any suggestions, PLEASE lay them on me! I wanted to make Keeley some softies, but I don’t think felt, which is all I have, is really going to work well. The pieces just aren’t big enough to make decorations that would last rough handling. I wonder if there are any ‘owl’ or similar machine sew-able craft kits out there? I know I can get her an owl pillow from target, but doesn’t really seem ‘right’ to do that.. we’ll see how I feel once things start coming together!

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