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This is just a post to let you all know that this weekend there has been some BIG progress made on Keeley’s new room! Obviously, she’s been in her big girl bed for a while, but I’m not sure I ever showed off her little bedding set. Here it is. Her room is orange, so there’s JUST enough in here to pick it up, but not overwhelm you with the ‘zing’! I plan on hanging her turtle picture in her room, and we have a small slant on the ceiling we plan on painting/stenciling her name for a personal touch! I’m sure I’ll find a few more things, but it seems like we’ll haveĀ  a bright, friendly place for her to be very very soon!

Right now, the closet storage part, behind where the clothes will go, has new flooring, and has been mudded/sanded/painted! It’s ready for some tubs of clothes or whatever else we want to store more long term. The front part of the closet has bead board in it now, and the trim just got put on the front fascia so it’s set off quite nicely. What’s left of that is to get some beadboard trim pieces to cover up some gaps in the beadboard that are unsightly, put up the shelf and closet rod, and hang the light. Closet will be done and ready for clothes!

The windows have been jambed, trimmed and are ready for curtains, when we figure out what to do!

The window seat box is probably the trickiest. I think Matt’s got it figured out, we still need a piano type hinge to attach the lid to the back of the box and a little more figuring and we’ll have that done. I think we’ll either get a couple of pillows, or one of the pads used for swings to top it off! The inside will be used for extra storage, most likely for toys, but I think it will be a great reading spot for our little bookworm! The inside needed painted and so on, and that got doneĀ  yesterday!

The last big hurdle I think is the floor trim. I’d love to have this all done this weekend and we can make plan to get it all cleaned up and start moving some of her stuff upstairs (dresses in the closet, etc) a little at a time and have the whole kit and kaboodle done by the 4th weekend, which will help with transition, because obviously, Matt will have the 4th off, and he’ll be an extra ‘up and down’ helper, not only will we have more time, but that way every time she whines, there can be a coin toss since he won’t need to go to work right away! Matt thinks he has enough trim, so it just needs stained and installed.

Obviously, this has been a big project with a lot of new tools, time, and etc. All in all, if we had everything just sitting there, it would seem like if you had a couple of days with nothing else going on, it would be very simple, which is probably true. It’s only now that we’ve had everything and all the right tools. The good news is, then we’ll have almost an exact mirror image in the ‘blue room’, so it will be very easy for Matt to just copy what he did there and have it done in a jiffy (hopefully!)


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    WOW! This is the decor my nephew has chosen for his baby’s nursery! Will have to pick your brains on this – as they have asked me to do the dust ruffles and curtains.

  2. Oh my goodness, that bedding is to-die-for!!! What a lucky little girl! I can’t wait to see the final product. Please please please post pictures!

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