This week’s cloth diaper giveaways

If you’re reading because I’m on the June blog hop, enjoy access to some weekly giveaways here in one spot! Awesome right? So add these sites to your reader and you’ll be glad you did, not only do you get great information, but the chance to win, win win!

The newest is the Thirsties Thursday Giveaways! Check here for the newest one!

Thirsties Thursday Giveaway #3 includes:

1-Thirsties Duo Wrap (in your choice of size and closure)
2-Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds


The Cloth Diaper Whisperer does Fluff Fridays, where, you guessed it, on Fridays, you can start to enter to win a different prize package each week. They post their previous week’s winner on Friday morning and put the giveaway up Friday afternoon.

The Cloth Diaper Blog does Feed Your Stash Friday, where a prize pack is also featured for a week, and you have several ways to enter and win. They announce their winner on Thursday and post a new giveaway on Friday.

Kelly Wels also does a weekly giveaway, which started up a few months ago. She also has periodically posted larger giveaways in between for special events. Her giveaways are posted on Fridays, and announced the next Sunday, so she has 2 going on at once on Saturday/Sundays!

Nicki’s Diapers does a weekly giveaway on Fridays and announces the winner on Wednesday, so you have a little less time to get entries in to this one!

There are several other blogs that do sporadic giveaways, but these are the ones I see week after week doing a without fail giveaway. Check out Thirsties today, and hit the rest tomorrow for your best chance to get those entries in! Good luck!

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