Only the top points

So I’m stealing this meme (aka you have no idea what to write, so you just steal something from someone else)–with words in bold, I’m calling it ‘only the top points’…

Reading: ‘Flesh and Blood’– I put myself on the reading list at the library for ‘Flash and Blood’ the upcoming Kathy Reichs novel due out in August, and they sent me this one instead, so it’s slow going. Now that Matt’s done re-reading HP7, I’ll re-read it AGAIN before the movie comes out. Also, I’m reading my pregnancy development book backwards, now, starting at 40 weeks, assuming I wont’ get that far. I’ve read forward until now, and I’ll meet up in the middle.

Relieved by: Bible school being over. It was a lot of fun, and it gave me a break from Keeley for a few hours these last few days, but helping out was REALLY wearing.

Looking forward to: Getting to see my college friends. We had to move the date, but hopefully it will work out that we can visit. It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen one, and at least six months since I’ve seen the other!

Stressing about: the house not being done for the baby’s arrival. What else?

Craving: I’m pregnant, but definitely not pickles and ice cream. Nothing sounds ‘overly good’, although chocolate in the evening or a tidbit after lunch definitely is up my alley.

Wanting: some peace and quiet time with my husband, maybe for him to talk to me like I’m a human being.. or not talk at all!

Proud of myself for: keeping the house looking nice the last few months, even while hugely pregnant. Also, not yelling at anyone for any variance of ‘you look huge’ that I get to hear all the time.

Wearing: maternity dress, undergarments and toenail polish. simple easy breezy for summer.

Addicted to: sleep, but not getting enough of it.

Avoiding: House work. So far I’ve done really well at it, but I’ve got a load of laundry that needs folded and currently, I’m pretending it doesn’t exist! I’ve done everything else on my list for today, though, so that’s good enough for me!

Suffering from: exhaustion.

Struggling with: patience. for sure. I mean, does ANYONE with a 2 year old have patience? If so can you teach me how to have some? I’m not sure if I’m hormonal or just turning into a real (insert bad word here), but some days we don’t even hit 7 am and I’m already screaming at the top of my lungs.

Excited for: Keeley’s room to be done upstairs. She’ll have her own spot without a changing table and so on taking up space, so room to actually play there if she wants. Also then I’ll keep to put the baby’s room to rights.

Thinking about:Keeley’s birthday party, Halloween, Christmas, all those things that will be SO HARD to get done when I’m dealing with TWO! Trying to make mental plans now so that I’ll have a tiny bit of prep work done! Suggestions welcome!

Splurging on: soon enough, I’ll have to buy some newborn/small diapers, nursing bras, etc. I kept hoping I’d get some credits through one of the stores, but they haven’t published my article yet, so I can’t get ‘freebies’ yet, well any more than I’ve won lately! Woohoo!



oh and just for cuteness!!!!


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