10 weeks left

Where has the time gone? In 10 weeks, maybe less, I’ll be a mom of 2. TWO! A two year old and a newborn. How crazy is that? Obviously, we’re preparing. I’ve won 4 diapers and one of those swaddling blankets, plus had another diaper sent to me, and got another as a tester. Matt’s been working on Keeley’s room upstairs, and we’re working on getting her excited about moving up there. We explained how her toys would go up there, I think she is starting to get it now.

I saw the doctor yesterday and she said I should be gaining a pound a week, and I only gained a pound in the last 3 weeks (she said month, but I was there 3 weeks ago).  I’m not walking nearly as much, and I’m not putting a bunch of pressure on myself. I’m taking care of the house and taking care of Keeley and that’s about it. I don’t have the energy for anything else. I really didn’t get a trimester rebound like ‘everyone else’. I got a couple of weeks of not needing a nap, and took advantage of that and did some much needed deep cleaning, but that was it. I’m back to tired again. I’m also starting to get more hungry. Where before I could slap some pasta, green beans and garlic toast on my plate, and be fine, or maybe sneak a small extra nibble of pasta, I’m getting a regular portion and then going back for another big scoop… and STILL hungry. I know I haven’t gained a lot this time, and I’m not actively starving myself like I did with Keeley’s pregnancy (due to undue pressure by the doctor’s about my weight).. it’s just not coming on.. HOWEVER– the baby is measuring at week 31, so a tiny touch ahead, and is moving and seems relatively happy and perfectly healthy. All good things. If I didn’t mention it, I failed my first glucose, but passed the second, so yippee! Ice cream for me!

I’ve got plans for a girls’ day with a couple of my college friends, and I’m excited about that. Matt seems to be taking every opportunity to be with his friends that comes up before the baby is born, and that’s okay, too. He offers to take Keeley, but they’re not really places she can go reliably due to her development (I mean, who wants to put a 2 year old on a porta john?) that sort of thing. I dont’ mind, though. Usually he’s gone in the morning until around nap time and gets home at a reasonable hour, about when I’m ready to lose my mind. I know Keeley gets anxious when he’s not home, and she can’t put it into words, but it’s obvious the way she acts that there’s an issue. Not anything out of the ordinary for a 2 year old I don’t suppose, her routine messed up and all that. There are far worse things in life than a cranky 2 year old. We’re in the middle of bible school week, and we’ll be starting 2 sets of ‘library’ readings, so I’ll be dragging her to different towns probably twice a week, but I imagine the socialization will be really good for her. They are short sessions, I’m afraid getting her to leave will be the challenge!

In other blog news, I finally cashed in a ‘credit’ for a tshirt, and made myself a blog tshirt! I’ll try and post pictures, maybe tomorrow! I love it!

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