When friends have trouble…

I think that there’s a special sort of heartache that makes the trouble of a friend, or acquaintance, even more horrible than your own troubles. I’ve always felt really deeply for the cares and concerns of others. A lot of kids in school didn’t understand that. A lot of ADULTS don’t understand it, either. If you’re my blog/real life/internet friend, go read this: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/shawnkoch .

… and tell me your heart doesn’t break.

Katie (Shawn’s wife) was a cheerleader with me in high school. We didn’t really run in the same crowd, but her (their) daughter Charlie was born within a couple of weeks of Keeley, and we compared pregnancy notes and developmental things with the girls on facebook for quite a while. Obviously, she’s been busy lately, so there hasn’t been much of that, but I send along positive notes to her every time she posts on the link above. If you haven’t clicked yet, please do. If you are someone who prays, please pray for them.

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