Where did the week go?

Last night my niece said she was going home today. Apparently she talked to Matt about it, and her mom had been asking her when she was coming back. I’m really surprised she lasted almost a week! Dealing with a 2 year old all day long is not necessarily a ‘fun’ task, especially for a pre-teen. By yesterday, she was so glad when we put Keeley down for a nap. Granted, yesterday morning was pretty awful…not really out of order for a 2 year old, but still pretty awful.

I have to say, I’m going to miss having her around. All of Keeley’s toys are picked up for once, and every time I dropped something, she picked it up for me. About 1/2 the time, Keeley’s face or hands got wiped without me doing it, and she was happy to get Keeley a drink and play with her, at least part of the time!

I’m not sure where the week went, yesterday was the only day we really didn’t do ANYTHING until afternoon, when we went out and I mowed the trim stuff while they played on the play set. I wish it hadn’t been in the 90s all week. We went to church on Sunday, the library to sign Keeley up for one of the summer events on Monday and to WalMart later, to the mall in St. Louis on Tuesday afternoon, the other library on Wednesday for story time, and etc. I think we may go have a look around some different places this morning, since she’s leaving later today. I wanted to have a young girl from church visit, but I guess it didn’t work out this time. We certainly ran around a lot more than I typically would in a week this week, and a lot of it in the morning before it got too hot!

Next week is going to be busy, I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday, a visit to a hospital on Thursday, and bible school (which I volunteered to help with– why I did it is beyond me, I could have really used the THREE hours every day, dangit, lol)… every day from Monday through Thursday. By Friday, Keeley might be watching movies all day– and I probably wont’ feel bad about it!

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