Time flies…

My niece has been with us since Sunday. Seems like yesterday she was Keeley’s age. Now she’s almost a teenager. It’s been enlightening as to what it will be like to have a bigger kid in the house. For one thing, our dishwasher is way too small. With another set of plates we’re running it about every other day, completely jammed full. Lol. Oh well.

I also realize just how much of Keeley’s nonsense I’ve learned to tolerate. A lot of things I just roll my eyes at seem to bug my niece, but I guess that’s expected. I’m sure she’s getting bored by now, it would be better if it wasn’t almost 100 every day, we could be outside, but I’m just not willing to do that, at least not pregnant. I’m more than happy to go out in the evening, but Matt doesn’t seem to want to, he’s in by that point. I went out and watered everything last night, hopefully it will decide to rain this weekend, everything still looks okay, if a little shriveled around the edges.

We pulled most of the radishes last night. They were going to seed. Our onions must be planted really deep, or we’re rushing them, so far they are tiny and no real ‘onion’ to them, so I guess we need to wait for a while longer. I still have other seeds that need planted, but haven’t gotten to them yet. Hot and humid.Too much so for this time of year.

I’ll be at week 29 starting tomorrow in this pregnancy. Time certainly does fly. I feel a little more settled in it now. The troublesome shooting pain that was going south seems to have abated. I’ve got pain going down the back of my left leg at night and in the morning, but my friends had that last time around, so I know it’s no big deal. Really, not much to complain about right now. I’m into the third trimester and everything seems to be going okay. I’m a little annoyed that I’ve already gained 10 lbs according to my scale (more if you ask the doctor), but I know that’s not much overall. I think it’s a huge blessing. The baby seems to be doing well. Only really stirs morning and night and if I sit at lunch time. Seems to be comforted other than that. Keeley was more active, maybe that will be a designation of  temperament, I’m not sure.

Keeley just got up, so I got her some juice and fruity cheerios (champion, I know), I’m glad for the happy mornings. I know soon her needs will end up coming last, or at least 2nd. Her hair is a mess of curls, a little too long in front, her butt still padded, since she isn’t reliably dry overnight. I’m thankful that I can put her in cloth and not worry about one silly diaper overnight too much. She’s getting good at asking for things and doing some things for herself, or at least trying to. Getting clothes on and off is still a challenge, but we’ve mastered the pants down for the potty which is great, and shoes are going on better and better. I was hoping to get all that down before baby comes, so I could put clothes out for her and she could get dressed, but it seems like we still have a ways to go on that score. At least if she’s willing to try, it will be better than the alternative. Conversely, any change in mode is terrible with her. She is starving, but she doesn’t want to eat. She wants to be on your lap, but if you ask for a hug, she runs and screams like you’re the boogie man. She wants everything NOW and is forgetting to say please and thank you. Not unexpected, not unheard of, and you can hear us say a lot.. why is she doing that? Oh yeah, she’s TWO!

I’m not getting much done this week, but as I just vacuumed and mopped on Friday, I don’t see a huge need to work really hard with company here. The floor needs swept (crumbs, anyone?) and towels need done once the girls are done with their morning clean up, but other than that, I’m chilling out. Dishes obviously need done all the time, but that’s another story.

In short, life is good.

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