Fun Monday: Summertime

Sayre is hosting Fun Monday for June. Woohoo! Her topic for this week is: for Monday, June 6th, I want to know how you and/or your kids will be spending the next couple of months. Or, you could tell us your favorite strategies for staying cool!

June will be busy for us. I had my birthday, we visited our hometown barbecue celebration (which did NOT land on my birthday for the first time in years). Keeley got to ride a few rides, we saw maybe a dozen people we know, and we stayed to watch some of Marty Stewart concert (because of a storm and technical difficulties, it was almost 9:30 before they started, and you know how late that is for a 2 year old!) My husband’s aunt and uncle own the pizza chain in town, now, so we got dinner from there instead of eating ‘fair food’, and later when the pregnancy bladder kicked in, we trotted over there to use the facilities instead of a porta potty. Later, Keeley had to go and Matt took her over and came back with a free soda, because Keeley said she wanted one. She’s a brat, sometimes. Lol. However, it kept us from paying the outrageous prices at the fair, so…anyway, it was a long day. We brought back M2, our younger niece, and she’ll stay with us for a week (or until she gets bored). So that will take up the next little bit.

Keeley has swimming lessons every Saturday through June. We’ve got 2 doctor appointments so far, and a hospital visit scheduled for next week. Keeley is going and I am volunteering at the vacation bible school all next week. We plan on signing her up for 2 different library-based curriculum for the summer, too. Realize of course that she’s pre-Pre-K, so one of them is a simple story time that is every Wednesday, and the other has a bunch of different activities that I need to sort out and see which ones she can attend. We hope in general that the 90 degree heat + 100% humidity of this week will die down, and we can spend more time outside, getting things done, like you know, mowing grass and the gardening stuff. I still have things that need planted (jeez).

.. and on the 21st, I get to see 2 of my best college friends, we are meeting up at one of their houses (she’s midway), and all our kids will get to meet and play, and we get some girl time. Can you guess how excited I am for that?

… and of course there’s ‘kickypants’ aka fetus aka feed us (sounds so similar, right?) So far I’ve gained 10 lbs according to MY scale. All things being equal, my scale has only shown a 10 lb weight gain since the whole thing started. I don’t think it’s fair to count the fact that I lost 4 lbs due to the inability to eat much, and then gained THAT back. Doesn’t really seem right, so I don’t count that. We have around 9 weeks until August 1st, our ‘goal’. The baby is technically due on the 24th. But we’re hoping to get to pre-term at 37 weeks. So far, so good. We’re still at a standstill as far as most things go. I have a couple more diaper covers, they came in the mail Saturday, I forgot how teeny those things are! Obviously, we have to finish Keeley’s room upstairs, get her moved up there, and paint and finish the nursery (aka Keeley’s current room).Since 99% of our stuff is gender neutral, all I have to do is start by washing diapers and the 0-3 month clothes and have those put out before ‘the day’.

I’ve been nesting as far as cleaning goes for the last month or two. Major things like wiping down appliances, getting the garage cleaned out (and thus things like the bouncer out of the box and upstairs out of the way for now), and so on. July will be the ‘month of food’. I plan on making extras of several things and freezing them. Muffins, meatloaves, etc. I’ve already started stockpiling easy things like pasta to have on hand. No matter what happens, I’m sure I won’t feel much like cooking, so Matt will have to buck up and do that for a while, when I’m recuperating. Needless to say, we want to make that as easy as possible, because he’ll be tired, too.

August and beyond will be about nursing, diapers, tantrums, and little sleep… aka adjustment to life with a newborn and a toddler. Should be… interesting.


  1. Jill, you are so organized! Still, this sounds just like the summer plans that a young family should be looking forward too. I’m glad you get in a visit with your gal pals. Moms need some grown-up conversation for sure. Hope the weather cooperates in your parts so the pregnancy will be as comfortable as possible.

  2. I second Faye – your organization just astounds me. I like to think I’m pretty organized, but I’m a piker compared to you!!!! Enjoy that girl time – every woman needs some of that! I love when I can get away with my girlfriends. We’ll be going to see Harry Potter when it comes out this summer – but my boy and probably my husband will come along on that one!

    I remember my mom being pregnant in the summer…. it didn’t look like much fun (we didn’t have air conditioning). She always cut her hair off short, then cut OUR hair off too! I had a couple of pixies that I really didn’t want while growing up thanks to pregnancy hormones and summer heat.

  3. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Grrrrr….I hit some button and my post disappeared!! Maybe that’s my computer’s way of telling me I was too long winded.

    I always had plans to freeze food with our pregnancies, but I never followed through. I have no doubt that you will, though. You’re more organized than me, even though I love the idea of being organized. We had lots of pasta, baked potatoes (I would get a 1/2 in thick slice of meat from the deli and cube it to put on top to make a meal), and frozen chicken strips and such. We also have fast food a lot closer, so that happened more frequently.

    I volunteer every year at VBS, but I didn’t sign up last year, because I was feeling too pregnant. They ended up needing someone to staff the nursery 2 nights, so I did that because that job didn’t involve going outside or spending the night on my feet. But when I was there for those two nights, I discovered I really missed my usual job and I felt like i was missing out. I’m SO excited to get to help with it next week! And glad that I’ll be 40 pounds lighter, too…..

    The fair sounds like it was fun. It must have been nice to have another place to go to take a break when needed. And hook you up with cold drinks! Lauren loves rides and we’re looking at taking a small vacation this summer and planning it around an amusement park.

    I hope the week is nice with your niece around. It will be good to have an extra set of hands and eyes around for a week. Extra company, too!!

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