The sun is shining and I’m…. 32!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I got around 90 birthday wishes on my facebook wall! My mom called me, and my husband and daughter of course, said happy birfday (well, my kid has the impediment) several times. So awesome! I had been scribbling down things I’d been wanting for a couple of years on a notepad, and between my mom and my husband, they pretty much knocked them out. Now what can I possibly get for Christmas? Lol. I needed an upgrade in kitchen utensils pretty badly, most of them were at least 10 years old. My mom took care of most of that. Matt bought me the lazy spoon and ladle from Rachael Ray, too, in bright orange (woo!), they kind of ‘rest’ onto your cooking pot because they have an indentation, so you don’t stick them on the counter, thus, they are lazy! Matt did some creative shopping and got me some Wusthof steak knives, too. Man, I bet those are super sharp! I haven’t gotten around to testing them out, but I love my Wusthof chopping knife, so I’m excited to see how they do. He and Keeley got me a bird feeder, too, the raccoons have torn a hole in one of them, and this one appears to be tamper proof, so we’ll get that up for the finches later. He says some black cowboy boots are mine as soon as we can get to a store, too. I don’ t know about you, but I wear jeans in cooler weather or cords, a lot of the time and need something warmer on my legs. Having tall socks and cowboy boots seems to help. Plus, there’s no chance of getting mud inside your shoes since they are lower cut, I can wear them anywhere on the property or out to church and they still look nice. My mom got me a bird bath and a pretty rose, too. I feel like I don’t need anything else for years, I’ve gotten so much! The great thing is that none of it is tied to the pregnancy, so I can enjoy them on and on and not just for the next few months!

Yesterday went as well as could be imagined with a 2 year old in the house. The baby didn’t fuss too much or give me heartburn, but plenty of rolls to remind me of his/her presence. Matt got us takeout for dinner, giving me a blissful hour of quiet, because Keeley went with him. I had a nap in the afternoon, read a book, ruffled Keeley’s hair a lot, and just let her BE. I made myself banana muffins and tried not to worry too much about anything. I did a few dishes, but only while the muffins were baking, and the rest I just… let go for the day. I have plenty to do to catch up now, but it shouldn’t take long. Hope you all had a good day… and I hope that I can keep up the relaxed feeling of yesterday… it was so good for me!


  1. Sounds like THE perfect “birfday”. Hehehe. Love how little humans say birthday. So glad you let everything go that day. You need to do that more often, my friend. Especially once that baby gets here!!

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