So you had a bad day

Today has not been a really great day. Right now, Keeley is sitting with Matthew on a water proof pad in the living room, watching a movie. She first vomited on the drive TO the 3 hour glucose appointment that I had to go to out of the blue this morning. So my husband stayed home from work, we all slept in, and I, having had to fast (not water even) past midnight until 9 am. Keeley apparently woke up with the stuffy nose that I have had the last couple of days. Instead of blowing her nose, of course she just sucks in it, into her stomach and upsets it. Classic. So….we wiped her down and kept going. Changed her at the hospital into the only other set of clothes we had. She played happily for a while, and my husband decided to get her some milk. I’m so lucky the shirt I packed for her was overlarge and she was sitting on us when she got sick a second time. Curdled milk is so nasty. Washed her shirt out in the sink and let her play in just her pants for a while until her other shirt (which was less nasty with only water vomit on it)– dried. Everything seemed okay through the rest of the 3 hour appointment, but on the way home, you guessed it vomit entry #3. It was getting ridiculous, but that’s life I guess. Wiped her down again and took her clothes off and let her sit on them, because even though they were dirty, they were cleaner than the car seat by that point. I had a cloth shopping bag in the car and put that over her chest to protect her from the straps. We finally made it home and into the bath. Then she insisted on food. Applesauce didn’t last long, and her bed needed changed. Bath again, and back to bed. Then a double potty accident in bed. Change bed again. She had a fever. Got some Tylenol stuff in her and some water. Kept that down for 1/2 an hour. Decided applesauce would be okay. Did that and then trimmed and painted her toenails and fingernails, mostly to keep her sitting still. Then she wanted more to eat so got her some toast. That was a little while ago. She’s really adorable sitting there with her daddy, but really wish this hadn’t happened to her.

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