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So yesterday I went to the doctor and had my glucose test. The phlebotomist was excellent, although the surgical tape stuck over the gauze that I couldn’t get off led to many questions from Keeley, most of which were ‘what happened?’ ‘are you hurt?’ ‘you have an ouchie?’ Sigh. I’m glad she cares, but not that much.

I spoke to my doctor about what would happen if I went into labor early again (aka if my water breaks, is all hell going to break loose?) She assured me that if it happened again, BECAUSE they wont’ induce me this time around, I have plenty of time to set my affairs in order (my words, more succinct) before proceeding to the hospital. As long as I’m not in ‘huff and puff’ labor (again, my words), then I can call for reinforcements, a ride to the hospital, and wait for the cavalry to arrive. I can shower, hang out, whatever until I’m ready to come in. Now should I really wait 6 hours, probably not, but a couple wont’ hurt anything. The good thing is, I think she completely understood my hesitations and worries. To say that I had a ‘hard go of it’ is an understatement. To say that I’m paranoid that will happen again is fair. To say that I’m extracting every promise from my doctor that everything is going to go as smoothly as possible is also true. All of this puts my mind at ease, at least somewhat. Now I know I don’t have to call an ambulance and rush there, I can go whenever I’m ready. That means that I’ll have things like a camera charged up, a laptop to post with, a razor to shave my armpits with, and so on. I won’t be unprepared. I’ll have my cloth diapers packed (or I swear to God, I’m putting every old tshirt I have in a bag and insisting those are used instead, lol). There will NOT be panic and mayhem this time around.

The doctor said I was measuring 26, I’m not sure if that meant weeks or not, but if it does, then I’m at week 27 so I’m a week behind, or a tiny bit small, but nothing to worry about. Heart rate was 140, lowest to date in both kids. My blood pressure was as low as could be, which is normal for me. I won’t have the glucose test results for a while, I guess, but I do go back in 3 weeks, at 30 weeks, just to get to an even number, I suppose, and then every 2 weeks from there. Where did the time go?

Other than trying to get Keeley’s room upstairs done (some progress has been made on that), we’ve ordered new straps for the infant seat (they were moldy and couldn’t be washed, I attempted to sun bleach/peroxide them, but they still looked funny), and in the last couple of weeks have won TWO new small cloth diapers. That takes my total up to 22 before buying anything else. I’m still hoping to get some credits so I can get a few more freebies and not worry about having to buy anything, but we’ll see. It obviously won’t break the bank to buy a few prefolds or flats or whatever. Once Keeley’s room is done and she’s out of it and happy about it, of course, we’ll paint/decorate/set up the crib, wash clothes, and so on, so we’ll be ready to go when we get home from the hospital. Right now, I’m just trying to accept what we have as good enough, and focus on what I CAN do for now. Mostly that has been cleaning. I scrubbed the tub and microwave this week. I’m pretty sure the final frontiers are going to be things like windows, baseboards and registers that are dusty, and the garage.Some of that will come with baby set up, because we have baby stuff in the garage, of course. That will probably spur is to empty it out and get our stuff in gear.

Baby is rolling, poking, giving me heartburn (or at least making it easier to get), flopping, and so on. The kicks to the groin aren’t really all that appreciated, but the rest is a giggle most of the time. I’m trying to appreciate those rolls and punches while I can. In between I’m trying to appreciate the growing kindness, creativeness and overall noise level of my 2.5 year old, because I know my time will REALLY be split here in a few short weeks.

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