Fun Monday: Mason or Crane

Roger at A Screed in Time wants us to decide between TV lawyers. He mentions 2 that I’m not really familiar with, so I’m going out on my own. The best lawyer show that I’ve seen so far is Eli Stone. Check out the IMDB information here.

The premise behind this show is a high-price lawyer who has everything: he’s prepared to make partner, he’s engaged to the girl of his dreams (the boss’s daughter, you know?), and close family ties with his only living relative, his brother. His secretary is a pain in the butt, but she keeps him on his toes, and he’s well respected. Then he starts hearing… music. That no one else can hear. Visions appear like scenes out of a movie– and of course he’s reacting to them, and no one else is. Some of them are even premonitions of things to come. He of course thinks he is going insane, and in running tests discovers an aneurysm, and even worse, he discovers that it is hereditary– the dad he always blamed for being a drunk had it too, and the alcohol was the only thing that made the visions stop long enough to stay with his family. He discovers one of his dad’s old friends–who believes that Eli is a prophet–destined by God to help people with his visions. He begins to take on cases that have no monetary value to his law firm, and of course, hilarity and good works ensue, but also detriment to his career and relationship. After all, how would you feel if your SO started dancing around the law firm you both work at to music only he/she can hear?

I highly recommend this show to anyone, old episodes can be found online, and although I’m rarely someone to watch something more than once, I appreciate these shows enough to watch them again and again. I wish the series hadn’t been canceled, it was one of my very favorites. To get a glimpse of the main characters:



  1. I really put myself in a pickle with this one. What sounded like a great idea in my head, didn’t come out like I wanted. Thanks for participating again this week. I promise next week’s will be better. 🙂

  2. Oh, and I’ll have to check out Eli Stone, I love some good lawyering, especially with a bit of humor in it, which this sounds like it might have.

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