99 days til baby is born… 99 days away

So my little countdown meter on the sidebar there says…

99… wow.

so what needs accomplished in the next 99 days? Everything that needed accomplished before. At a minimum I’d love to get Keeley’s upstairs room done and her transitioned over, diapers back from my friend (which means I’d get to see her, whoop!)– and washed and prepped, the nursery painted, crib back up, and the bag packed, including camera, laptop, razor, deodorant, and all the baby’s stuff. That’s about it. At this point, I guess we’ll just have to hope for the best and make do with what we get done.


Anyway, we had a pretty good day overall today. Keeley wasn’t too bratty, she napped a long time. She woke up dry from night time, but was wet at nap. Matt tag-teamed parenting really well with me tonight. No complaints there. At least there were no more beer bottles launched at my head. Typical day with a 2.5 year old while pregnant I guess. Tomorrow is Keeley’s last library ‘night’ for a while. They only do it Sept-May I think– so I made some chocolate chip cookies and packaged them up in a little ‘chinese take out container’ — I bought a couple dozen around 10 years ago from container store (you can get them EVERYWHERE NOW!) — and I still have some left. I wrote thank you on the side in magic marker, stuck a sticker on top, and it’s adorable! I know the lady has kids, so even if she doesn’t want them, her kids can have them!

I was going to buy Matt this Kinect thingy for Father’s day– but he bought one used off of e-Bay without telling me. The jerk. Anyway, we played around with it a little bit. One of them was a dancing thing, and even pregnant, I could still do it. Also, my husband is SO not coordinated! I feel so AWESOME compared to him when dancing, lol. Poor guy. No rhythm. Definitely all male. You should have seen my freestyle– showing off my belly jiggle while Matt clapped in the background– it takes pictures of you, hilarious! So even though I couldn’t do that for him for Father’s day, we still had fun with it tonight.

We made some awesome grilled pork burgers and garlic fries (Rachael Ray recipe, which we tweaked to suit ourselves)— YUM! Then we took a walk (almost a mile probably) to work off the fries and came back. I had plenty of laundry to fold and hung out on the computer after that. It’s been a long day. I’m sleeping past 4 am and falling back asleep once he leaves in the morning, but still needing a nap during the day most of the time. VERY TIRED! Keeley so far is cooperating (and you BET I just knocked on wood).

Enjoyed the time spent with my mom and dad when they visit for our pre-natal appointments. Keeley’s had a blast each time, and although she’s sad to the point of hell-raising when they leave, seems like she’ll do just fine when I actually go into labor, as long as her grandma and granddad are around, she’ll be all set.


  1. 99 days. WOW! So do you need anything? I have a slew of baby stuff that I am needing to pass along to someone who could use it. Baby swing, bumbo seat, medelo electric breast pump ( yeah I know odd thing but all the important sanitary peices can be replaced for someone else to use cheaply), tons and tons of unworn and gently used little baby boy clothes, bottles, pacifiers, toys, blankets…..I need to make room for bigger boy stuff, let me know if you might be interested in anything.

  2. That’s quite a list – get done what you can as soon as you can because I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna want to do much of anything for those last 30-45 days…

  3. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    To put your mind at ease, I hope to get to see you before Baby, which would mean getting the diapers back to you. But if not, I promise to mail them. So don’t worry about those!

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