Catch.. or… this kind of cr@p only happens to me

So my husband was playing around with our daughter upstairs, and told me to ‘catch’, so I come over to the open stairway, ready to pretend as he was going to ‘toss’ her over the rail. I knew she was perfectly safe and wasn’t worried a bit.

So I look up and my husband is pretending to toss my daughter down to me. I see she’s holding his empty beer bottle. Before I can get the words ‘take that bottle away from her, she might drop and break it’ out of my mouth, my husband says ‘CATCH’ and lifts our daughter up a little higher. She proceeds to THROW the beer bottle (after all, if you tell someone to catch, you better be throwing something, right?)– meanwhile, I’m right underneath and never see it coming.

Yup, I ACTUALLY got hit on the head with a falling beer bottle. From the second story. ON THE HEAD.

I held it together while my husband yelled at my daughter not to throw things, while she cried and cried and cried because her daddy yelled at her– comforted her and held her and finally turned her back over to her dad. Grabbed some tylenol and water and went to our bathroom, and cried my own eyes out. Sometimes being a mommy is really hard. Knowing that I’m carrying baby #2 while the first one whacks me on the head with a beer bottle is not super comforting– I’ll have to start putting 2 little sets of needs over my own– even when I’ve got a lump from a beer bottle on my head. It still hurts, and yeah… I’m not sure my hubby will be allowing my daughter to be holding anything glass, at least on the 2nd story, for a while.

Life is not bubble wrapped– but a little head covering might be nice every once in a while.


  1. It’s not great for hairstyles, but a helmet might come in handy right about now…

    And they make little, lightweight things you can toss. No more beer bottles, m’kay?

    When is your due date?

  2. Oh, ouch! That sounds horrible. Sometimes dads don’t make the wisest choices, huh? Also, I know you can do this 2 kids thing without a hitch. I’ve had my own crying in the bathroom moments, though. Sometimes you just need to let those worries out.

  3. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    That made me flinch just to read about it. I’m so sorry! Hope the headache didn’t last long, and that Matt thinks twice about letting her hold glass and/or holding her like that up so high. Like the say, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt…..

    Though in Keeley’s defense, hearing “catch!” while you have something you could throw in your hand sure does seem like a prime time to throw said object. And it sounds like her aim is spot on, too……

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