Religion, politics and other things I don’t generally talk about in public…

Okay, so here’s the thing: I’m reading an article regarding the legalization of Civil Unions in my state in our local paper. They tell about the cost, and then they interview a local Catholic bishop, who goes on to say that this will basically degrade society to the point of it falling. His quote is “I see God withdrawing His grace from this society which will continue to degenerate morally until society falls”.

Really? Two people who already¬† have the feelings, thoughts, emotions and set morality that they do are going to make society FALL? Stop the presses everyone! Gay people might just ruin society– even though dictators, the Holocaust, Civil Wars, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid didn’t do it. Give me a break. Just because the law is going to ‘allow’ partners to have medical power of attorney and other basic ‘rights’ like that, doesn’t mean that automatically we’re going to become a bunch of heathens that ruin our world. Last I checked, the most violent crime offenders are still straight white males, you know, the breeders in our society. Until that changes, you’re not going to convince me that our society will fall because 2 people can now make emergency medical decisions about someone they’ve chosen to spend their lives with-or because they leave them their house– that they’ve lived in together forever, probably.

I’m most disgusted by the fact that the man actually believes that God would withdraw HIS grace based on a law passed here on our planet. As if grace is something that is conditional– let alone something given or taken away based on who you love.

Sometimes, the simplest things are the most logical: Jesus loves me, this I know; let the little children come to me; love thy neighbor as thyself; the greatest of these is love.


  1. Amen, Sister! They said the same thing about interracial marriage – and yet we are still here. Love between two consenting adults is still love – the one thing that God actually commanded us to do – to love one another. I should stop right here because I have a whole soapbox speech on this very topic!

  2. :::standing ovation:::

    I wonder if the clerics who say things like that ever actually wonder what that bullshit sounds like coming from them. I’m sure they can taste it.

  3. I leave many of these topics out of my public conversations as well. We are Catholic and hearing stuff like this frustrates me because I don’t *think* that is a good representation of what most of us think. It is definitely not a representation of the way I think.

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