Crabby crabby critter

Just when I thought the terrible twos weren’t so bad, my kid starts waking up on the wrong side of the bed. It lasts all day. I’m not sure if she just misses her daddy when he’s gone, or if there’s something I’m doing that is pissing her off, but really? It’s been over a week of just all crabby, all the time. I think the only time she’s not crabby is when she gets something with sugar in it tossed her way. Come to think of it, it started the day after Easter. Hmm.

She refuses to eat a ‘whole meal’ of ANYTHING. I put what  she used to eat on a plate, and then I cut it in fourths, and I know she still won’t eat it. It’s annoying, to say the least. Then she whines for candy or other sugary stuff, which she doesn’t hardly ever get. I’ve already employed the ‘you don’t get anything special if you don’t eat your dinner’ rule. She doesn’t like it much, but she understands. After a certain point in the morning, I don’t give her anything else to eat, because it will be time for lunch, however she doesn’t really seem motivated to eat lunch, either. So either she’s really not that hungry, or she just thinks she’s going to hold out for something better. Guess what? That doesn’t work, either. If she doesn’t eat her lunch (and I KNOW it’s something she likes), then when she wakes up and asks for a snack… she gets her lunch back again, and she can choose to eat it, or wait until dinner. Most of the time, she’s hungry enough to just eat whatever I have given her. I just hate wasting food. Which means either I have to eat it, I have to try and give it to her the next day, or just put it back into the leftovers and hope someone eats it at some point. Matt’s still giving her 4 times what she’ll eat at dinner time, despite the fact that she snacks with him at around 3 pm if she can help it. Where is my ‘I’ll eat anything in any amount’ kid from earlier this year?

She’s just crabby…of course I have taken away all but one episode of ‘Super Why’ — so she’s not sitting all day in front of the TV like she would like to be. She was completely ignoring her toys. Instead, now she just tries to sit on my lap 24/7 and won’t let ME get anything done. I used to get a bunch done during her nap time, but of course now I need that time to rest up most days because of the demon parasite spawn fetus growing inside me. We’ve got a new playset for her, and I can sit on the couch or anywhere in the front side of the house, really and watch her play.. if she’d just go out and play. I’ve tried going out with her, and she just wants to sit on me. Because if I stand up, it feels like all my womanly stuff is going to fall out. I can walk around, but again, there’s only so much place to walk that she won’t try to run off in the other direction, or just go with me, and really, she just needs to PLAY. Again, she used to play well on her own. She’d be happy for 10 or 20 minutes at a time playing by herself. Now? Forget it.

I’m not sure what’s changed her attitude about… well, almost everything, but I wish she’d go back to just being a happy go lucky little kid again.

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I’m sorry things are tough right now. Let’s hope this is a stage. And that her next stage is a more pleasant one, and long lasting, too!

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