Fun with Granddad: Egg coloring

For a lot of years, I colored eggs with my dad. Around the time I got married, I encouraged him to color eggs with my nieces and nephews instead! This year, I bought an egg kit, and he and Keeley colored eggs while mom finished dinner and Matthew and I went to the doctor to get little kickypants checked out.  They didn’t take any ‘during’ pictures, but according to the account of the thing, Keeley is ‘really fast’ at grabbing things (riiiight).. and had stained fingers… but had a great time. We got the Dudley egg kit, it had plastic cups in it, a white wax crayon for writing on the eggs, and the egg dipper.No extra bits and pieces that seem unnecessary to me. So far Keeley’s used the plastic cups to play in the bath, and we’ll probably eventually recycle them.

This is the first year we’d done hard boiled– usually the eggs are punctured on either end, blown out, and used for scrambled eggs. We will use them for eggs for salad and deviled eggs, most likely!

Here’s the result:

Mommy (blue), Keeley (orange) Daddy (pink)...hmm and the rest.

Closer up picture!- See the 1/2 and 1/2 ones? Dad's specialty-and the green cracked one? Cool!

So happy with her creations!

Studying her name!

Now, when do we eat?!?

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