Big day

Last Sunday was a big day for us. It wasn’t celebrated as much as it may have been had it not been Easter, but nonetheless, we celebrated ONE YEAR in our house! I can’t believe it’s actually been that long, but here it is! We’re familiar with the local flora and fauna, we’ve met a few of the neighbors, we love the views out the windows, and have taken steps to make it an even better time! We’ve still got a ways to go, there’s painting to be done, closets to be finished, but overall, not bad!

Of course we celebrated Easter, our church service was TWO hours, and included being transferred in membership to our new church. It’s kind of sad to not be members of our ‘home church’ anymore, but this community has really taken us in, they seem to adore Keeley and be thrilled that we have another one on the way, so how could we keep our membership elsewhere when we attend here so much and there so little? Seems silly. Anyway, happy to have that done, and although it made us late for lunch at the old home place, we still managed to get in a good visit on Easter.

My dad went around and hid eggs, all the kids got some of the spoils, but Keeley got to do the hunting-she had a blast!

I think the leftovers are out of our fridge, we got sent home some deviled eggs (yummy!) those made for some good snacks this past week!

Also, Keeley turned 2.5 on Sunday! I told you it was a big day! She started off with an Easter basket of course, and I totally ignored when her uncles gave her candy and cookies. She eats well enough at home that I wasn’t too perturbed about it. She has 6 eggs under the Bunny’s hiney, they had a bit of candy in there apiece, the little bunny in front isn’t REALLY chocolate, it’s hand stitched felt– and the large bunny is sporting shades and bracelets. Kind of an odd mix, but perfect for a two and a half year old! Her candy is almost gone, and the basket is put up. She’s loving the rest of it, though, so we’re celebrating Easter on an ongoing basis, I guess.


I’m already in the planning stages for her 3rd birthday. With a newborn, it will be a challenge to get everything set, but I’m determined for her to have a good time despite the fact that mom will be tired and grumpy!

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