Take your child to work day

They had this last week at Matt’s work. He spent the whole day running flight simulators for the kids. Keeley’s not old enough (4th grade) to go, but it seems like he made an impression, nonetheless. Love my hubby! (note from one of his co-workers kids).


Today, April 21, 2011, was bring your kid to work day at Boeing.  My dad brought me to his work and I got to meet many people.  I met my Dad’s coworkers, Dave, Eric, and Matt. Currently, Doug is his boss.

My favorite part of the day was when I got to fly in a flight simulator.  The best part of the simulator was shooting down the bad guys.  The hardest part was landing the plane on the aircraft carrier, and even Matt has only done it twice.

There were some other fun things I did while at Boeing.   I saw a model room, that had a whole bunch of aircraft carriers.  We visited a snack room were my dad gets coffee.  Finally I had lunch with my dad.

I really like what my dad does and want to work at Boeing when I grow up.  Maybe next year I can do some more flights.


  1. That is awesome! I bought my boy to work… But since much of my job happens in my head, he’s a bit bored. Handing him off to his daddy this afternoon.

  2. My physical therapist brought his 7 year old to work today. I have met her before, went to his apartment over the summer and taught both his girls to tie dye. She is a cutie, and hung out while I had PT. Then, Shawn brought her over to the other side of the clinic after my acupuncture needles were placed, but she didn’t like that as well.


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