Want to try cloth diapers but scared of start up costs? Wish there was a book? This is for you…

I have moms all the time ask me about cloth diapers. Many of them never take the initiative to go ahead and take the plunge, though. My guess is that the start up cost, coupled with the fact that there are so many choices out there, scares people away. After all, $30 out of your grocery budget doesn’t sound bad, but putting $600 on the line if you’re not sure you can handle it is something completely different. So what’s the solution? I actually have a great one for you—a giveaway. A huge giveaway. One that would take you (your sister, your granddaughter, your 2nd cousin twice removed who is struggling)– from $30 a week to, well, the cost of laundry detergent every couple of months. Sound good? Read on…

Kelly Wels (former proprietor of Kelly’s Closet, and now ‘green’ mom extraordinaire with a special love of cloth diapers) has literally written THE BOOK on cloth diapering. To celebrate its release, Kelly is doing a giveaway consisting of:


The Rumparooz Complete Cloth Diaper Kit:

* 24- Rumparooz G2 One- Size Cloth Diapers with inserts

* 1 –Kanga Care Wet Bag

* 1 – Kanga Care Pail Liner

What exactly does this mean? Well for most people, it means that any baby from 6 lbs on up to 35 lbs (birth to potty training), will literally have their ‘rumps’ covered as far as diapering goes. Yes, the WHOLE time. My own daughter still has a RaR (that’s lazy speak for Rumparooz) in rotation at night, and she’s 2.5, and tall for her age. Newborns go through around 12 diapers a day. With 24, you’ll have around 2 days worth of diapering before you have to wash. No running out to the store, if you get low, you just toss them in the washing machine, the dryer, and you’re ready to go. For older kids, you’ll be able to stretch out to 3 days if you want.

What’s a wet bag? Think of it as a handy dandy diaper carrier. No need to buy disposables for ‘outings’– you just put wet diapers in the wet bag, close it, and lock in the pu’s — no need for plastic grocery bags–and they’re leak proof, so you can put it in your diaper bag with everything else, and voila, no need to find a trash can!

Think of a pail liner as a handy dandy trash bag for diapers, that can be washed and re-used again and again. You buy a kitchen trash can, put the ‘bag’ aka pail liner in it, and when you’re ready to wash, take the liner and all and dump it in the machine– no fishing through a sloppy wet mess for the diapers, you just turn it upside down and dump it in, liner and all. So really, yes they have thought of nearly everything to make it as simple as possible. Sounding good so far? I mean it is free right?

Enter HERE for a chance to win the sweepstakes! For extra opportunities, click on her blog HERE and follow the instructions.

As always, if any of my readers (or their families) want more information on cloth diapering, please follow the links included– hey there IS a book out now– or just leave me a comment.

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