Fun Monday: The end of the world as we know it: cave or water?

He’s done it again, has issued a Fun Monday challenge of epic proportions. The world has had a catastrophe, and your choice is this: You knew that the end was coming and prepared yourself for it. In one scenario, you have fashioned a cave into a home for yourself, safe from all the bad stuff on the outside, and you have stocked enough supplies to last for a minimum of twenty years figuring that would be as long as it would take for the bad stuff to clear. In scenario number two, you have acquired a fifty foot boat, yacht if you’d like, and have prepared it in the same manner. The cave has a natural stream flowing through it, and the boat has a desalination device on board, so water will not be a problem. Your challenge is to pick one of the scenarios and explain why you chose one over the other. See how easy that is? By the way – you cannot bring the boat ashore and you are not able to come out of your cave.

Hmm, this is a tough one, but I think I’d have to go with the yacht, and the main factor here is LIGHT. With a boat, at least you’d have windows to see out, even if you couldn’t walk on land anymore, at least it wouldn’t be continually free of sunshine on your face–it would shine through the windows and warm you–you might be more susceptible to the elements, but at least you wouldn’t get cabin fever, since you could see outside.


  1. As you know, I selected a boat too. After teaching science for thirty years without, a view of the outside world, I know for sure I would miss the light.

  2. Now you remember that I said you knew it was coming, so you could have planned your cave appropriately. 🙂 Mine, for example had some awesome skylights and a working farm in it. 😉

    Thanks for participating!

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