Egg Hunt(s)

Two weekends ago, Keeley went to an egg hunt at the new megastore in the neighboring town, if you read here, you probably realize how excited I am not to have to drive 20-25 minutes to get to one of these. Ten minutes is a lot better! It was at 10 am and they gave us a bag to hunt with (even though we brought a basket)– that had a couple of certificates in it. At the end, the kids traded in their ‘found’ eggs for a small bag of candy and a toy. Keeley found 28 eggs! They weren’t really hidden, just all over the grass, but still very fun! Please enjoy the snapshots!

Swinging her basket around, waiting for the 'start'!


Finding an egg with mom watching!

Filling up fast!

Found one!

'scuse the grimace and check out the fetus, I mean, belly!


She wanted to see the bunny, and even gave him a kiss

… all the while I’m saying to myself: it’s only a megastore employee, not a serial killer, touching the rabbit won’t hurt her.. lol. We’re not ‘into’ these types of things, but it was a cute little snapshot. Thanks to my hubby for getting the pictures and observing from ‘afar’.

We did a practice hunt in the living room with her basket- she got the idea REALLY quickly! There’s another one we might consider going to in a nearby town, it’s sponsored by a church, and they are dropping thousands of eggs by HELICOPTER! So cool! It’s this Saturday, so we’ll see– we think it will be cool just to see the helicopter drop!

OUR church did a hunt, but only for the grade school kids in their program, so I went and helped them hide. Umm,  yeah the church people GENEROUSLY donated over 1400 eggs. I think there may have been 30 kids. We had taken candy but couldn’t find empty eggs, once we found them, they didn’t need them anymore, so now I have a bag of eggs in my pantry.

I guess we’ll have to do some more ‘outside’ hiding just for her! After all, unless we get a babysitter, this is basically the only time she’ll get our full attention during an event. Next year we won’t have that option, one of us will have to ‘camera’ and stroller (or sling) the infant while the other walks with her. I wish we had friends that we could all get together with and do these types of activities, but for now I guess we’ll just have to do it on our own! Our little family of 3.. errr 4!


  1. At 12, my boy is too old to do the hunt, but he’s loving that he’s on the hiding committee! Our church yard is big and nicely landscaped with lots of hiding places. He’s very excited about it.

    Cool that Keeley wasn’t afraid of the Easter Bunny. We have one in our mall, with the same set up as taking pictures with Santa. I think it’s over kill to do it that way, but someone must be buying into it because he’s there!

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