She thinks the tractor’s awesome…

In all the insanity of the last month, did I mention that Matt got his raise? His promotion due to getting a new job? If not, I’m sorry. He did. Basically, the money is going to a tractor and mower. Already, in the last couple of weeks, he’s mowed the grass (ALL OF IT!!!) twice! He’s fixed the creek so it doesn’t flood the back yard, built up an embankment so the front yard floods less, graded the driveway, and has gotten some of the logs/trees unburied from a year’s worth of debris and put into a pile– not to mention grading some of the yard. We also went and borrowed my parents’ tiller and he has a couple of spots tilled up for garden and tree planting! Keeley loves it! She thinks the mower is too loud (and probably needs ear protection on it) — but she loves just being with her dad. Please enjoy the photos!

Look at those grins!


put put...

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  1. My dad would LOVE that tractor!!! He’s got one, but it’s probably 60 years old. The steering wheel had to be replaced because the old one rusted off. If I thought they’d be staying there another five years, I’d encourage him to get a new one.

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