Fetus.. meet us!

See my yawn, ignore my alien-ness!

Organs.. yeah!

So yeah, this baby? Is SO not cooperating with us! These are the best photos we got. Everything checks out fine. 94% of abnormalities are visible by this scan. The other 6 percent are cardiac and you can’t view on the scan. Doctor said we are 100% good as far as she can tell. Keeley was very good about giving us a nice profile–this one? Yeah… So I guess the point is, we know less about this baby than about Keeley. However, we are ‘active’, and our name is ‘kickypants’– you didn’t think I was giving out the real name did you? Besides, we didn’t find out boy or girl, so it will be a fun surprise.

At this point, I open it up to questions, anyone who is still reading–I have a new computer, so I can blog a lot quicker and easier than before. Yeah! Ask me anything! Cheers!


  1. Alien baby!!! Hahahha… When we had pictures done of our boy, he looked like a duck. Seriously – a DUCK. I was pretty relieved when he came out human.

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