Fun Monday: What’s up doc, or mouse?

A Screed in Time is at it again, the April fun Monday host asks: This week I have a new challenge for you and one that I think will be pretty easy, so I’m hoping that you all will participate and have fun along with me. The question is this, Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? Which is your favorite and why?

Ballot box bunny

I love the one where Bugs Bunny tricks Yosemite Sam by continually playing a tune wrong on the piano– Sam can’t stand it, and hits the ‘right’ key– only to to blow himself up with the TNT attached to the underside of the keyboard. (click Ballot box bunny for the youtube version!) Now, how do we get these original ones? They make me laugh every time. Bugs is always ‘in charge’ compared to hapless schmucks. The mouse IS the hapless schmuck most of the time. Now since Keeley saw the Bugs picture, she’s LOUDLY requesting I read her a Bugs Bunny book.


  1. LOL video . . . looks like Bugs Bunny has it hands down. Why don’t they make cartoons like this anymore? Too violent? Not necessarily compared to today’s matter.

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