Here comes the sun.. and I said, It’s alright!

We’ve been spending a lot more time outside lately — even if it’s just to walk some mail up to the mailbox, or get out for 10 minutes and stretch before lunch. The warmer weather is doing us all a lot of good! Don’t forget your ‘walking stick!’


We love this little bridge, it was left here — and boy are we glad! It’s a great motivator to get her back down the hill, or to get her to go that direction when we’re working outside. She can run across it, lay on it and dump dirt on it, etc. She loves it!

Trippin' billy.. goat gruff that is! Bring on the troll!

Alas, she saw her dad try and plant some sprouts one day, so she’s planting trees all on her own! Sticks, that is!

"planting trees"

It’s kind of hard to tell, but this is right near the driveway, there’s just a tiny cove surrounded in trees with the bridge going over the water there. I can sit on the bridge or walk around and just soak in the silence– I think we’ll put a bench here this summer. Keeley certainly seems to love this area. There’s rocks washed up on the shore, acorns, sticks, sand — ohh the sand! 2 year old delight!

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