We need a plan

Okay, here we are, almost 1/2 way through the pregnancy, and we NEED a plan. A general plan would be awesome. Call it nesting, call it what you will, we need a PLAN. We need a way to figure out the steps to get Keeley’s upstairs room finished, all the ‘stuff’ upstairs finished so we can use it effectively, her moved up there, maybe potty trained at night ahead of time?, the nursery painted, and basically the rest of the house finished being painted and put back together (Matt wants to take the trim off of everything before he paints),  before August.

We need storage solutions (other than a closet, although at this point, there’s nothing in the closet but drywall and a light ready to be installed); decor and etc in both kids’ rooms. This is where I say: I’m not real ‘decor’ heavy. We finally got Keeley a bedspread and it’s not washed yet, but at least it’s purchased. She’s doing well in her own bed during nap and night and doesn’t even bother the crib anymore. (See I didn’t even say HER crib. Go mom of 2!).. sigh. Anyway, at this point I think time and general ineptitude as well as ignorance are working against me. I can pick out stuff, and I can slap on paint, but I can’t yank the trim up, and I sure can’t do it while Keeley is in the same room with it.

What suggestions do all of you have? Realize that there isn’t REALLY a place that Keeley can stay overnight, unless she stays with my parents, and my parents have my brother and his family living with them until their house is done (they are in the ‘digging’ stage right now, so you know how long it could be)… so everything needs to work around her schedule. It’s not quite warm enough full time to leave windows open to air anything out overnight, either, which stinks.  Literally.

I’m lost here. I feel like I’m making a ‘honey do’ list, because a lot of it, I really CAN NOT do. But add in a grieving spouse, losing this whole weekend (he’s got plans for Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday– a motorcycle riding course–and no, he doesn’t plan on getting a motorcycle, he just thinks it would be fun). Plus, he promised to visit his cousins this summer at some unknown point and he wants to get Keeley into ‘swimming’ lessons–which would be every Saturday for 6 weeks. Add in working 5 am-2, 3, 4?pm Monday through Friday, and church on Sunday, and there’s literally not much time left.  Once it warms up, add in mowing grass, fixing the driveway, the creek and so on…

I don’t want to push the man, but we are kind of on a deadline. I’ve heard transitioning kids isn’t really easy. Add to the fact that we’ll be moving her UPstairs, so anything she needs means I’ll be climbing up and down 10x a day to figure it out.

How do we plan around all the ‘other’ plans to get all this stuff done?


  1. Hate to say it, but this is when you ask around at church or check out ads for a handy man. There’s a lot to be done and Matt’s not going to have time (or even inclination for a while). Find someone that other people you know is happy with, with a reasonable price. I know laying out money is the last thing you want to do for stuff you think you guys could do yourself, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get it done. This is probably one of those times.

  2. I don’t know if I have any very helpful advice, although we’ve really taken advantage of the closets here and most of the kids’ clothes are on hangers in the closets. I also keep a plastic bin on the floor of each of the kids’ closets and clothes go in there as they are outgrown. As for decor – I think it is good to keep it simple – the kids will fill it with their own “stuff” as they grow and develop interests! I am, however, a fan of a bookshelf in bedrooms. 🙂

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