Fun Monday: Embarrassment

Georgia girls are at it again. This week’s topic: I’m so embarrassed!  Tell about your worst really embarrassing moment.  Relax.  It’s okay.  We’ll just keep it between us.

It involved a lunchroom full of middle schoolers, me with a huge sinus headache, and a trash can full of green slimy vomit. Hey, at least I made it to the trash can.


  1. Well, hopefully it wasn’t something you ate. . .I used to train “lunchroom ladies” so hope they wouldn’t cause this embarrassment! 🙂

  2. Yeah, that would be embarassing to a school kid. Most adults realize that it’s just part of life, but anything different early on is pretty embarassing.

    I once dropped my keys in a trash can at Taco Bell. I rather matter-of-factly pulled out the garbage can and started searching while my cousin turned bright red and hid her face behind her hands. She embarasses pretty easily, I guess.

  3. Everything is embarrassing at that age. When you get to high school, you can laugh a little easier. Once in Jr High I was walking across the school parking lot and stepped over the cable between posts, just when someone further down stepped on it — raising it up. I fell over it flat and ripped a big hole in my nylons (yes we wore them back then). I went the whole rest of the day like that — I guess that was less embarrassing than taking them off and sporting glaring white legs.

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