Fun Monday: Moments

Molly is hosting Fun Monday for the month. She asks: For our last Fun Monday in February on the last day of the month, I would like to hear about an early childhood memory. If you would like to participate in this event, please sign-up using the Mr. Linky widget. Georgia Girls of In Good Company have graciously volunteered to be our hostesses for the month March.

I have a ton of fun childhood memories:

-my horse losing the saddle and going upside down until I finally fell off (jammed finger)

-being dragged by a pony while I literally ‘ate dirt’

-puppy gnawing my fingers while a bunch of other little kids petted him on a visit to school
(he was supposed to be a Leader Dog for the Blind and it was socialization for him)

-walking around and around on a used tractor tire until I got dizzy and falling and whacking my nose (only bloody nose to date)

-breaking my arm by tripping on a gopher hole in gym class (so much for an obstacle course)

Hmm, a lot of these seem to do with pain, don’t they? Lol.

How about my first ‘real’ memory? Unless I am mistaken, we had just moved to our new house and I was 3.¬† I don’t remember anything before this. I remember that all of us piled on a mattress on the floor in what soon became my parents living room to go to sleep. I kept seeing this flashing red light and asked what it was. I was told it was a tower.¬† I also remember eating a sandwich with mustard on it on the front porch.

If you’re late to the news on the ‘Life is Not Bubble Wrapped’ front.. aka you haven’t read here since last Monday, SCROLL DOWN.. some exciting stuff happening here!


  1. Ouch!!! I had a lot of that kind of thing happen too – I think it’s just what happens when children aren’t overly protected. Bumps, bruises and the occasional broken bone happen when you have adventures!!! I had horse fall on me – I was actually pretty lucky no serious damage was done. Took me a while to get on another one – which ran away with me. I got off it by grabbing a branch as the horse ran under it. I should probably stay away from horses, huh??

  2. You were adventurous little girl, Jill! I too remember getting to sleep on the floor when my family made one of its many moves. I hope you let Miss K have just as many adventures as you enjoyed as a child–those make the best memories.

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