Reactions so far…

My mom and dad and both of my brothers and their families were happy for us. My friends were happy. I called my niece (because baby will be REALLY close to her birthday)–and she was ecstatic (she loves K and will be 13 this year). However, my husband’s friends are kind of… odd.

We ended up at our drs appt and then went out to dinner with some of them. They were umm.. LESS than thrilled. Really.

It wasn’t ‘hey great, congratulations’ or anything like that.

No. At the end of the dinner the guy’s wife said “well I’m happy if you are, but I feel sorry for you”….

uh, really? I just smiled at her (she’s the one that came over to ‘visit’ and brought her computer and headphones and watched while she ignored her kids–and me. I take it that this last foray into motherhood was not a good one for her. She has a 10 yo and a 10 month old. I guess she’s not the maternal sort.

There was a single guy there and he said ‘I don’t think it’s a good idea and I’m not happy for you’… He hates kids apparently, but jeez. Way to uhh, make us feel like crap when we FIRST announce it, you hosers.


So glad my IRL friends and blog friends and family are so supportive. We announce it to our church this weekend!


  1. Well pooh on them! As you know, I’m not overly fond of kids not my own (and sometimes not even that one), but I would NEVER tell someone that having one is a mistake – for one thing, it’s none of MY business and for another, the people who have babies should be the ones who WANT them and are enthusiastic and happy about the prospect. Don’t listen to the naysayers. THey’re idiots. If it’s what you want and you’re happy about it, more power to you – you’re EXACTLY the kind of people who SHOULD have babies.

    And I’d stay away from Matt’s friends wife… she sounds like poison.

  2. I agree – pooh on them – and if you can get the new baby to poo on them, even better!
    Matt’s friends wife is not a nice person either… feel bad for her kids even more now than I did when I read that original post! Wow…

  3. Oh congratulations!

    How strange, the way your husband’s friends have reacted – I will never understand that kind of thing.

    Somehow your blog had dropped out of my reader, so I’m just catching up.

  4. Wow! How rude of both of those people!! Thankfully you don’t spend a ton of time with that woman – nobody needs that kind of negative energy.

  5. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Wow. That’s amazingly rude and unbelievable. To actually say “I’m not happy for you” is just….well, I don’t even know. Beyond rude, beyond stepping over the line. Makes me speechless, and you know how hard that is….

  6. I go away for a bit and u get knocked up!!’yay!!!! Oh I need your password so I can catch up. I will also need to know am I saving baby clothes for you? Please say yes.

  7. Matthew

    Oh and just for clarification, my two friends were both very happy for us and gave many congratulations, it was the ones wife that was rude!

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