28 month update

Keeley is 28 months old. In 2 months she’ll be 2 1/2! In 8, she’ll be 3! And a big sister! How did that happen! (well, not the big sister part, I KNOW how that happened! Lol!)…but enough about that.

How do I love thee? There are WAY too many ways to try and count! I never imagined really that a 2 year old would be lovable. But she is! I never figured that I’d be proud of her, at least until she was in school and ‘doing something’. I am, though. I’m proud when she uses the bathroom. I’m proud when she says please and thank you. I’m proud when she is complimented outside of our house (which happens QUITE often, when I sit and think about it). I’m proud when she masters a puzzle, or tells the tv EXACTLY what letter buh buh buh ‘sounds like’.  I’m proud when she tries to read, pulls her socks off by herself, and says ‘no, I wear un-wearpants!’ when asked if she wears a diaper. (exception of her ‘nigh nigh diaper’, of course).

What else? Her phraseology has gotten a lot better in the last few months. Some recent gems:

– oh thank you, thank you much!

-Keeley have candy, see? (proper inflection of see? to indicate that she WANTS candy!)

-Keeley go outside? oh okay. (She’s clearly asking and answering her own questions.)

-more see-wee-ahl pease mommy. (aka cereal)

-more sing please mommy. (radio)

-nice (noun) mommy/daddy.  (one day it was nice: hair glasses face shirt pants socks shoes mommy).

-bess you (when you sneeze)

Her favorite things to do:

-play outside

-do things with daddy (Bronco ride, etc)


-play “puz”

-play blocks

-play kitchen

-listen to music/dance

-blow bubbles

-take bath

-watch tv

Her favorite shows:

-Word World

-Super Why

-Sesame Street

-Blues Clues (she calls it tues tues, even though she CAN pronounce blue and clue)

Her favorite books:

-The Tawny Scrawny Lion

-Berenstein Bears (get the gimmies and get in a fight)

-The dump truck book

-any book with babies

-any book with animals

-Doree (Dora) book–all about colors

Her favorite places to be:

-nest (aka when you lounge on the couch, sitting in the crook of your legs)


-little rocking chair

-booster seat (she loves to eat!)

-church ‘nursery’ (she said, oh there’s my church when we went past it the other day)

Q &A with Keeley:

Favorite color: today it is BROWN (that’s a first-usually it’s yellow or purple)

Favorite letter: A

Favorite drink: milk

Favorite food: peanuts

Favorite person: Grandma


  1. I bet you keep up with the baby book too **sigh** I’m impressed that you keep up with Keeley’s progress so much – makes me feel like a slacker Mommy – I didn’t keep track of any of that stuff. Didn’t even fill out the tooth chart. Sometimes I wish I had but things were pretty busy back then. He turned out okay though – and he talks a blue streak now!

  2. A new baby?

    Okay. I will send you tie dyed new and old baby stuff… when the new one is here, you just have to tell me sizes.

    And you’re a good mom… she’s doing so well and is so darn cute.

    Not that you BOTHERED posting a picture this time….

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