Wordless Wednesday: Time for a ‘Fluffgrade’

Why does one even need a fluffgrade? Check out the buys below and see if you can figure it out:

new SMALL diapers'

clothes in 6-9 month size

And then...there were 4


At 14 weeks we’re now officially in the 2nd trimester! This is a 12 week picture!

Not very flattering..but real

For now, let’s just keep it here, so if you’re a friend of mine on facebook, send me a private message, but don’t post on my wall, mk? Oh and go on the ‘if you can’t say anything nice…’ rule, please. More on that in the future.


  1. Oh so happy for the two of you- and the soon to be big sister!!! Wonderful news!
    Hope you are feeling well -this explains the need for the nap today?!??! 🙂

    My niece is just a few weeks behind you – with twins! I am waiting to broach the subject of diapers with her – if she decides to go the non-disposable route I will certainly be picking your brain!!!

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