Fun Monday: Inventions

Molly is still the Fun Monday host for February 2011, here is the assignment for our third Monday in February. Tell us about your favorite invention or tool. Why have you selected this device? If possible, show us a picture of the invention or tool.

According to this list, the wheel is #1– sliced bread hits in at #70. Mine doesn’t even hit the list, although ‘modern’ forms of it do: THE RADIO. Most everyone listens to the radio in their car, or at home. It’s a source of useless information, news (sometimes those 2 are the same), and music. When people are faced with the ‘being on a stranded island’ question, most of them eventually say they would like music– What’s life without music? Without the sharing of news or information?

I personally use it to lighten the mood in my house. You know my kid, right? Cranky, sometimes. Put on some music and offer to dance with her, and her face lights up. I can only blame myself. I danced with her in-utero thousands of times, and we continued dancing with her as a newborn, infant, and toddler. We still spin her around now, and let her do her own boogieing too! I seem to cook, clean, and just ‘be’ a lot better with music than without. For a long time after her birth, I rarely had the radio on. We always lived somewhere I couldn’t ‘turn it up’. So when I’d get out of the house, I’d always immediately turn the radio on, turn it up and my mood would lift. Quite frankly, I felt depressed without it. It all the sudden hit me one day while I was driving that it wasn’t really the ‘getting out’ that was nice–it was the music! Since then I’ve made an effort to play music as often as possible. I even found a radio station tuned to my ‘generation’ — like my parents enjoyed the ‘oldies’, now I too have my own ‘station’. Country music is probably my current favorite, but when I was younger I listened to the ‘rock’ station too. It’s like for a few minutes every day, I’m not 30 something, I’m a kid again, blasting the radio and singing at the top of my lungs… and my daughter bobs her head in time to the beat along with me.

Oh and dancing with your hubby in the kitchen is a great mood enhancer, too! Nothing like ‘shaking it’ to put a smile on each others’ faces!


  1. I like to put it on in the car and belt it out as I drive. I think I may have strained my throat last night on teh drive home from the farm with the B52s. Going out there, it was Wynonna. For some reason, I like the ones that stretch vocal ability. Having strained my voice shouting for my parents’ dog a couple of weeks ago, I guess it went a little easier this time. I can talk, but my throat hurts.

    We used to dance a lot – then my boy got big and self-conscious. Perhaps we’ll give it a try again soon!

  2. Jill, The radio is a great choice for favorite invention. I am smiling thinking of you and your daughter dancing to some radio tunes. The radio does have a special place in my memory bank. When I was growing up, we did not have a television until I was ten, but our radio was turned on in the early morning and not turned off until my parents went to bed. We did not usually turn off the radio during the day. Even if we left the house, the radio was playing. In my early years, we listened to radio dramas like “The Shadow” and “Father Knows Best.” In my preteen and teen years, the top 40 countdown was a favorite of my sisters and me. Great memories

  3. I always tune in my car radio to country ’cause it is so easy to sing along to. For some reason, tho, I don’t have music playing in my home — just like the peace and quiet. Even tho I love to sing, I wasn’t a music buff when I was a teenager. The only album I ever bought was The Best of Bread 🙂
    (I’m a HUGE fan of dancing, tho)

  4. Like you Jill, I like having the radio on when I’m in the kitchen or doing other chores. Usually tune into a no talk classical station. Different strokes for different folks, right? Love that you dance with your daughter and husband. That’s a happy thought. Maybe you’ll teach lille K to sing “I Hope You Dance”–lovely lyrics?

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