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Are you interested in cloth diapering, but don’t have the money to put ‘up front’ to do it? Too scared to pour a couple of hundred bucks into diapers you’re not sure you are committed to using? I know I was. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to go through with it. How wrong I was! Now you can get a chance to cloth diaper (nearly) full time–I think you need at least 24 (or 2 days worth) to go full time, but 18 is still a lot of free diapers–by entering a giveaway at this face book link.  You will find more information at this link, including how to get more entries. In fact, I am getting a bonus 20 entries just for writing this post!

So, you want to know, 18 diapers? Really? Yes, and there’s MORE! The giveaway is actually for a $370 value:

18 bum genius 4.0 diapers with inserts
1 diaper sprayer
1 pail liner

In case you’re not aware, bum genius 4.0s are the newest in a serious of diapers from Cotton Babies, which is a company local to my area. It’s so exciting to see them grow.  Most of the diapers I have are the 3.0 version of this same diaper. The 4.0 has a few updates, including a bit ‘more room to grow’ for bigger toddlers, the option to have snaps, and some designer patterns not previously available. A diaper sprayer is similar to a kitchen sink sprayer, but you hook it to the back of your toilet and use it to ‘lose’ the poop straight into the toilet! No dunking like grandma used to! A pail liner is a fancy name for a cloth bag that you put inside a trash can or diaper pail. What’s the use? Well, when it’s time to wash, you take the whole bag out of the can and use it to transfer the diapers to the washer. Then you toss the bag in and wash it, too! So you see, if you’re wanting to try this cloth diaper thing out, this would be a great way to do it! You’re on facebook already, right? So just click the link above and give it a shot! Who knows, maybe you’ll diaper your baby for free!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.  I love chatting about cloth diapers, and since my kid only wears 1/night, I don’t get much opportunity to gab about them anymore!

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