Fun Monday: Matters of the Heart

Molly of Return of the White Robin is hosting Fun Monday for the entire month of February. The second Monday in February is actually Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the day of love, your assignment is to select  and complete one the following options.
1. Tell us about a favorite gift that you have received or given for the holiday.
2. Show us a beloved Valentine treasure or card.
3. Describe the perfect Valentine present.

I guess the perfect Valentine present for me would be some time alone with my hubby. We’ve had so much to do on the house and just life in general that we’ve only had a couple of dates since Keeley was born. I’d love to have a little vacation, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen any time soon. Normally I would hope for good weather, but it looks like it’s going to be good this week (68 on Thursday!) so I would wish for a surprise trip out to dinner with a babysitter all lined up so Keeley wouldn’t have to leave. (she doesn’t pee away from home!)

Since we’re planning on going out to dinner next Tuesday, I guess I’ll just wait and let that be my present!


  1. As cute as the munchkin is and as much as you love her, I’m sure it will be a great treat to be in grownup company for an evening of couple time. Have fun, Jill.

  2. My husband and I very rarely get alone time. Even after 11 years. In a way, I’m looking forward to the teen years when he’ll be more independent and not wanting to hang out with us…

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