They’re so cute when they’re asleep

Lately my mood has lifted. I guess it’s knowing that it’s going to be warm today, warmer tomorrow, and in the 60s by next week. Hello, heat not running! Woo! Anyhow, it just seems to make everything seem that much funnier. Is that a word? Bygones.

2 nights ago, I went in to tuck my daughter into bed. She’d been up with sniffles the night before and had a hard time sleeping.  Not so the next night. Snoring. Not loudly, but funny. Enough to make you WANT to laugh. Especially when you’re tugging on the covers to throw them back over her, and her legs are moving around, and it’s not making her stop snoring. At all. I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. I finally got her leg untangled and out the door before I busted up.

Last night? Coughs. Just add Vicks. Much better. Except someone told me to put it on the bottom of her feet. So I take off a sock. I try and pull her foot away, and she pulls it back. She was all turtled up on her belly, see.  I snicker and try again, my husband patiently holding her sock. Then I realize…. she’s HOLDING her feet with her hands. Which makes me laugh harder. I told my husband and he looks down. Sure enough, her eyes are closed, but she’s got a huge grin on her face. I get one of them done and he replaces the sock. Try for foot 2–what does she do? Holds it with her hands and is nearly grabbing my hands to keep hold of it. I’m really laughing hard now, and she’s got her eyes open grinning from ear to ear. She pulls, I pull back. Finally we get her sock on her and get her to roll over onto her back to put some on her chest. She moans and acts like she was never awake.

The cad. She knew what she was doing the whole time.

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