Snow day

Matt was off work Tuesday for inclement weather aka blizzard warning and Wednesday he took off because there wasn’t much chance of getting out. We got 2 inches of ice followed by 3 of snow on top of what we already had. Not bad, but not really good either. He made it out and got a new battery charger and cables for the Bronco. He lent our old ones to his buddy last week to charge their car. (The guy’s wife ignored the ‘battery light’ being on for a whole week and then was shocked when her car died–can you imagine?) I digress. Here’s some pics of Matt with Keeley ‘helping’ to drive the Bronco once it was running. She and I ‘played’ in the snow  after this (I watched, she ran around like a loon), while he used the Bronco’s huge tires to break the drive completely up so he could drive the car to work.

She's blurry, but she's 'helping' drive


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