It’s all undone, part 2

We had an insulation contractor come in today and take some thermal readings of our upstairs. The news is not good. He thinks that the ‘pink’ insulation we put in there just isn’t enough. He took all the information back to his work to see if they can come up with a creative solution to ‘fix’ the insulation problem without completely destroying all the hard work (and $$$$$$) we put into our upstairs.

Here’s some of what might be ‘undone’ in the next little bit.


Blue room window seat

The man behind all the work

Keeley checking out her window seat box

Peek a boo

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  1. That’s awful. You’d think the home improvement store would have clued you in… I’m glad the insullation people are trying to work with you so you don’t waste your money! That’s a plus!

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