I’m not a ‘young mom’

As I was cruising a ‘baby’ website the other day, I noted that in Keeley’s birth club, babies born in Oct. 2008, there was a section for ‘young moms’ aka those under 26. Now how they came up with 26 as the magic number is beyond me. Then there’s a group for 35+. Aka old moms I guess? I’m not in either camp. What am I? A mediocre mom? Do you get decamped from the under 26 group once you hit 27? Exactly where is there a place for me? I often have trouble fitting in. Yes, in part it’s due to the fact that we waited 8 years to have Keeley. We did the ‘responsible’ thing and tried to be ‘settled’ before getting into this parenting business. We aren’t young kids, but we’re not middle aged, either. Other people our age have teenage kids. Kind of hard to set up a play date when everyone of your maturity level has kids that are almost old enough to babysit yours. Flip the coin and it’s kind of hard to ‘get’ young moms who didn’t get any education beyond high school and still act like teenagers when they have their own kids. I know that is a generalization, but I haven’t found one in person yet that acts the way I did at that age. In blogland, yes, I have, but in person, no. Maybe I am an ‘old mom’ after all.

I know¬† that we don’t necessarily have to have friends with kids the same age, but it would REALLY help. I’m not a young mom, but I have a young kid. Is there a place, in the real world, where I can find someone that I have something in common with? Argh.


  1. I’m in a similar situation only I am one of the young moms who had kids very early. So all of my friends from school and stuff are just now getting married and graduating college and some having kids when my oldest is already 4. So I know exactly what you mean. It’s hard for me finding similar friends.

  2. I’ve been lucky to find plenty of moms in their “early thirties” like me. Some of them have elementary age kids down to the age of my kiddos and some only have one baby. One thing I’ve really appreciated about our church group is that there is a broad range of ages (I just realized I was 8 years older than a young mom *gasp*), but our desire to find friends in a small town seems to help diminish some of those age barriers. I have also found great moms outside of my faith through the local library group and preschool. Hang in there. There is definitely a group of “in the middle” moms just like you out there!

  3. I was an older mom (still am) and always felt so out of place with all the young parents. Luckily for me, my best friend was also an older mom. I realized I was pregnant the day her first child was born. My son fits right in between her two. They aren’t the same age, but they play together and have a great time. Plus I enjoy the company!

  4. I’m not 35 so I guess I’m a “mediocre” mom as well. LOL We don’t have a lot of friends our age who have young kids so it’s hard finding playdates.

  5. Oh I am so in the same boat as you – so many people younger than I with kids older than mine – it’s easier now that he is in school and I am meeting more parents, but it has been a quiet 5 years!!

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