Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

I won’t even pretend to make resolutions that will never be kept. Ever. What’s the point? So how’s this? I will try to do better in everything and you do the same, and maybe we’ll be each incrementally better by next year at this time, okay?

2010– It held a lot for us. Moving (3 times), getting our house, FINALLY! Exorbitant bills, more insulation and God knows what else, and of course, the dawning of a 2 year old. What else will it hold? Not much in the next 2 hours, I don’t guess.

2011– What’s to come? Being settled, finally. Our upstairs is SO CLOSE to being done. It was warm the last couple of days, and I can actually sit in my living room with a tshirt on and not feel frozen to death. I hope that this trend continues as we make our way into January and February. March of last year held green grass, and sweatshirt weather, so I have high hopes, and hopefully, lower heating bills. Lower bills all around would be GREAT. Getting our ‘house poor’ debt paid off, and making some real ‘life improvements’ would be helpful. Are there other surprises lurking around the corner? Maybe. We’ll have to see.

What do I want less of for sure? Stress. You can feel it radiating from my keyboard sometimes, right? I find that the worst times that I feel, and I’m angry with my kid, and I’m getting yelled at and yelling at my husband, is when the coffers seem empty, or nearly empty. We’ve crash landed in a dream and I’m scared someone is going to yank it out from under us. I’m sick of waiting for the other shoe to drop, the rug to pulled, the shades to be drawn. I want to ride out the storm of  home store purchases, and coast to ‘no credit card debt’, where I am comfortable. I don’t want to be thinking — should I have REALLY bought those outside lights at 75% off today, instead of waiting and paying full price next year? Will next year be better? Or would I be cursing my ‘2010’ self for not shelling out the $18 instead of paying $71 full price? I bought the stupid lights. The worst part would be they sit in storage for a year and we find out they don’t work. The best would be if they do work, since they’re cheap and are LED they won’t cost much to run, and next year, we’ll be able to appreciate them the whole season through. Also? Less fat.

What do I want more of for sure? Love. Quiet times with my girl. Hugs. Kisses. Snuggles that don’t involve the words ‘are you wet’ or ‘do you have to pee’… To hear ‘look at me mommy’ and see her emulating me… oh, how bittersweet that will be.  She’s growing up. Date nights with my husband, I know, it’s not going to happen, but a girl can dream. Health. Oh how I want better health for the new year. I’ve been taking vitamins and I do feel better. However, I’d love it to warm up a bit, and allow me to get some good walking in. I’ve pushed the stroller up the hill, and it’s just too much with a 25 lb toddler in it. Then there’s the narrow road. I think I need to re-think the ‘exercise’ I can actually get. I may have to take up aerobics in my living room or something. Maybe Keeley can get a sweatband.. or not. Still, though. There’s no denying the cheeseball and chocolate chip cookies have tightened the waistband of my pants. Whew!

What else can I tell you? I think that’s it for now. A retrospective, a look forward, some dreams and wishes, not goals. Journey with me to 2011. See what we uncover along this path. Treasure or tragedy, heartbreak or hearts full. Join us.

The life without bubble wrapped crew.

p.s. wearing big girl panties means less cushion for your bum when you fall on ice. Run through the pain, little one! This mud’s for you!

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