Christmas wrap up

Unexpected gift that’s kind of cool: ‘sleepover’ kit for Keeley–sleeping bag, flashlight, water bottle, backpack carryall for it. We tried to send her home with my brother that got it for her and he refused. Boo! However he did get football over soccer or hockey, which we appreciated. Note to self, upload the photos already!

Funny stuff: My husband got me a lot of stuff from Victoria’s Secret– I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been naughty or nice.

Minor disappointment: I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but Keeley got some plastic food for Christmas. When everyone knew I was making homemade food for her out of felt. She started tearing the cardboard stuff and chewing on the plastic ones. It says 3 and up on the package, so we’ve gotten it out of her sight for a little bit. We appreciate the thought, but she’s abusing it, which is sad. She just isn’t old enough for it. I had other things on her list that would have been fine to have a few bite marks (ie Mr. Potato head and so on), but these items are just too small for her to reliably have out I’m afraid. I know both of my brothers worked hard to find things she would love. Which she does, sometimes a little too much (yum yum! Lol).

BEST PRESENT!!!!!: DRY UNDERWEAR ! Yes! After a week we had 2 solid days of dry, today was a poopy and wet during nap accident, but I don’t expect her to always nap 2 hours and stay dry. It’s not realistic at this point. Still hoping she’ll start saying ‘poop’ before she has to go (cross fingers), but the rest is going well.

How hosting went: Fine. We could have had a bit bigger table (all 16 people were there and we initially expected 13 or 14), a few more plates–since all the kids decided to go first and take all the big plates, leaving the adults with small plaes (never enough at the store to buy them all at once, so we didn’t) and should have gotten out some more silverware. Not a big deal, just one of those — umm, duh sorts of things. However, I washed the plates and silverware in between, and my mom and SIL’s helped and put food away so no big deal.

How Keeley was: Pretty good, her nap was too short when everyone was around, but okay.

Opening presents: She did okay, wanting all of them ‘open’ right now! But, so far she’s played a little bit with each thing. She waited patiently until it was her turn, with 16 of us opening, it was crazy!

What else can I tell you? Nothing, I guess. It was a good time had by all.


  1. Maybe you’ve been nice and he wants you to be naughty?

    It sounds like a successful holiday hosting to me. I’ve had almost that many people in my house – card tables or those folding tables come in handy (and I use the outdoor plastic chairs with them) help a lot and lets people spread out little.

    I’m glad Keeley enjoyed her Christmas (and that the potty training thing is going pretty well). Did the sink get finished in time?

  2. Cute snow bunny!!

    Lorelei – BabyRabies, I think? I thought that was neat!
    Hubs has loved the name since before we met.
    Since he’s always produced boys, he put it away…
    I let him have his way on both girls’ names this time 🙂

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