Potty Training

It’s going about as good as can be expected I guess. Plenty of my blog friends (and facebook friends, too) swore that 3 days and their kids were completely dry. Guess what? Not Keeley. She hasn’t figured out to TELL US that she has to go. At least it’s not giant puddles like the first day, and she’s stopping herself if she starts, but still won’t tell us.  But this is our only opportunity since my husband decided to take time off before Christmas and not wait until another time.

He swears he knew it would take more than 3 days. Now why he didn’t tell ME that AHEAD of time, and go ahead for the first week of his vacation and get our upstairs done, while I worked, Keeley played and wore a diaper, is BEYOND ME. Makes a heck of a lot more sense than neither of us getting anything done because we’re sitting on the bathroom floor the whole day waiting for her to go.

She’s starting to hold it when we go out places but has accidents in the house still. Don’t get that, but oh well.  Today we’re on a 1/2 hour pee schedule, setting a timer. She’s upstairs watching tv on the computer while Matt works up there and I take turns cleaning the house, working on her sink, and of course, stopping here to blog.

Sorry there’s not much more exciting going on, that’s just the way of the world.

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Sounds like things are going normally at your house, though not how you’d like. I don’t know who has actually potty trained their kid in 3 days. I hear of it, but never actually had a friend who had such good fortune. I hope you’re the first!!! Good luck!

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