FuzziBunz Hemp Diaper Review

Recently my daughter and I had the opportunity to try out a new diaper from the Fuzzibunz line. Now available in your favorite retail stores, the hemp diaper is OS and is the trimmest diaper we have ever owned. I’ve included my thoughts below on the effectiveness and use of the diaper (same feedback I sent back to FB). My daughter is 2 and weighs 28 lbs and fits fine on the medium setting. Bigger children/later trainers still have quite a bit of room to grow.

FB one size hemp diaper on medium setting

The instructions we got were to wash it at least once by itself.  After that, wash it with the rest of your diapers–it takes about 5 washes to reach full absorbency.  We decided to give it a real test and try it out (shopping) while it was only washed twice, in other words, not fully prepped. We had leaks at 2 hrs on the second wash. Most of my other singled diapers (microfiber, prepped), also leak at 2 hours.  We have a heavy wetter, obviously.

I also tried it overnight. Just the one insert. It did leak, but less than any of the other single insert diapers, and probably about the same as a doubled diaper would (we generally triple).. so I wasn’t disturbed by it at all. However, it didn’t seem to absorb all the way to the back of the diaper before leaking overnight. I hear that this is common with hemp, it absorbs a lot, but not quickly. I would suggest for heavy wetters that using the hemp insert with a microfiber newborn insert on top of it for overnight or naps for heavy wetters, the microfiber would fill up, and then give the hemp the chance to catch up and take care of the rest.

The other day, she had it on, we are still potty training, and so she wore it from 10, had a potty, and lunch, then had a nap, and I forgot about it until 4. It’s a busy season, we’re still doing home improvements, and since she was in a good mood post-nap (and changing her diaper ticks her off, ha ha) I let her go for a while. Her clothes were still dry. I consider that a win.

Trim fit

The diaper is VERY easy to stuff. We like the insert a LOT. I have trouble with FB microfiber inserts-something about the shape is hard for me to stuff, but the hemp insert/diaper is very easy to do! The hemp diaper is a lot trimmer and we like that. Not fully prepped, I’d say that it compares to about one regular plus one newborn microfiber insert in most of my diapers, what we consider ‘double stuffed’.

What would we change? I’d love to see the diaper in colors, of course. I’d also love to see a second hemp insert for overnight. Same size or similar size, not a small one. Maybe the same length and depth, but narrower? That way it would target the ‘pee zone’ and maybe channel it back to the rest of the insert. If the inserts were priced right, I might buy them to rotate in for naps/night in my other diapers as a combo (with microfiber).

I can't even tell she's wearing a diaper, can you?

She keeps… well, dirtying it before I can give it a good test. I have washed and dried it with every diaper load since getting it, and it still seems in good condition. Just as I was taking pictures to post this review, one of the snaps popped off. I emailed FB and told them, and they sent me simple instructions on how to deal with a return, including a link to the return form and what to put in every blank. Less than 13 hours later, I have a message saying they’ll replace the cover, and will send a sticker for me to send the defective cover back, plus the tracking number for Fed Ex. I definitely appreciate the customer service on this!

Update: The cover came right away, or should I say the diaper. They sent me a whole replacement! When I asked if I should send one of the inserts back, they said I could keep both of them! So what did I do? I washed it twice of course, and then tried it overnight. I stacked both inserts with a microfiber newborn insert, and my child, the outer of the diaper, and her sheets were dry after 12 hours! Fully prepped, I think you could get it to go longer if you have a really heavy sleeper! The microfiber did seem to soak up the original wetness and channel it back, all 3 inserts were totally soaked after 12 hours from front to back.

All in all, this is a good diaper. If you’re looking for natural fibers and good absorbency for a regular wetter, I think this would be perfect for you. If you have a heavy wetter, I think you’d need a second insert. If you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks Fuzzibunz for the opportunity to give this diaper a try and for your GREAT customer service. I think this will serve us well as we move further into potty learning!

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  1. I have been using FB for about 9 months and love them, But my son is a very heavy wetter. I have been considering the hemp inserts. So, if you wouldnt mind sharing, how do you stuff your diapers for night time?

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