2 years and counting

Keeley is really growing up. Her wild hair needs cut, and it seems as if all she does is eat! Or ask to eat. Or whine ‘eat, eat’ at me nonstop. I feed her, I swear. She probably has 3 meals plus 3 snacks a day, but her weight isn’t budging. Apparently she’s running it all off. Note picture below, blurry, because she was running, once again.

Stealing mommy's apron for herself

Along with the growing up comes wanting to act grown up. Something great? She has taken to ‘tickling’ and also ‘patting’ us, like we might smooth a hand over her cheeks. We’ve caught her with a hand in her pocket, her finger on her chin saying ‘hmmm’ and pretending to eat things, food related or not, and saying ‘yum  yum’.

One hand in my pocket

This also means she’s gained a healthy curiosity about the world. She wants to open presents; therefore, they are upstairs. She tends to remember things for longer periods of time. Like if I tell her she can have a cookie after lunch at 7 am, she asks for a cookie when her plate is cleaned. Or once dad gets home she can ask to have a snack with him, etc.

Admiring presents, before they are hidden!

She still has a healthy desire to read, we just cleaned Matthew’s computer books out and took them upstairs with his pc desk, and I put her books on the lowest shelf. She tried putting them back in the magazine rack, but once she understood that I did it for her, she sat down for at least 1/2 hour and went through several of the books, and eventually asked us to read to her. Her vocabulary is increasing past my attempts to record it. I gave up at around 150 words. New words, though, include: kick, sink, wash, hammer, pillow, and many more. I think the turning point was the word ‘hangers’. She comes out with new words every day, and I said, did you really say FACE? Did you really say Mommy’s hair wet, Keeley’s hair dry? Yes, yes she did. That means she’s learning to compare and contrast. I wonder if sometimes I just wear her out, asking her questions all day. What color is this? Is your hair wet? (or your diaper?) how many juices do you get a day? What do you WANT?  On the other hand, she’s taking manners in stride. She’s learned to use yes WITH please, so it’s yes please. I also managed a no thank you once, but I think she needs a bit more help with that one. Oh, and by the way, our tree just went up last night, and she said first thing this morning, tree, ON! Um, yeah. Then she said, please mommy! Yes, our tree is lit up this morning.

workin hard with the hammer tucked away

Daddy is still her favorite person. He leaves for work before she gets up, and with her sharp memory, if I tell her Friday morning that the next day is Saturday, she’ll say ‘daddy’, she knows it’s daddy’s day and reminds me first thing Saturday morning of it! They definitely get some play time once he’s home from work and something as goofy as a DVR book can keep them entertained for quite a while.

Studying the DVR manual for some snuggle time with daddy

Occasionally, I let her have a say in what she wears. This tank top is new for her birthday, and should fit her next year, but she saw it and wanted to wear ‘neen’. So I got out an old turtleneck and voila, ‘neen’ it was. Yes, I usually try and match her socks to her shirts or at least her pants. In one of the previous photos, I can tell she wore orange the day before, because she was running around in pjs and orange socks!

She wanted to wear the tank top so we layered it. Still cute!

The terrible twos aren’t always that bad, are they? 🙂


  1. I found the “terrible twos” to be quite wonderful, actually. His are more like terrible elevens… still not so bad though. At least now I can reason with him!

    Love the Keely pictures! She sure is getting big fast! Got the Christmas card – what a neat idea! Loved it!

  2. She is growing so fast.
    Fun, isn’t it?

    I always thought the terrible twos were a misnomer. Both my kids were more of the three year old tyrant type.

    Have a good time.

  3. I was just going to say…the terrible twos are nothing in comparison to the threes. Oiy!! Keeley is really getting to be a big girl – Very Cute!

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