Working hard to finish the house…

What you thought our house was totally done? Au contraire.  My husband is happily slaving away upstairs. He went to the home store first thing this morning, and thereby missed church, but he has 3 doors hung and is working on the ceiling fan over the stairs. This will provide extra light for downstairs and provides the majority of the light upstairs as well. He purchased 2 additional ceiling fans* for the blue and orange rooms, which are smaller and also contain lights.  We are going to purchase a ‘matching’ ceiling fan for the dining room (match the living room and our room fans), and move the chandelier from there into the ‘overhead’ of the front hallway. As long as it all works out okay, that will finish the lights in the house. Then we need to finish the closets and all the trim and that will actually, be that. This is still a considerable amount of work, considering we have all the floor trim to put down, and trim for the closets, storage areas, and ‘cave’. Since I got absolutely zero help from facebook, anyone have any suggestions for the ‘walls’ in the cave? It will have flooring  just like the rest of the floor upstairs, which is the laminate hardwood look from Pergo, so just pretend to extend that in there.  The insides of course are drywalled as of Thanksgiving week, but using tons of scrap pieces, which would be a pain to mud/tape and paint over. Thus, the request for suggestions?…

Needs wall covering???

I would have LOVED to have had a holiday open house, but unfortunately, people generally want a bit of notice to an open house (me included) so I guess it will have to wait until spring. I guess a year isn’t ‘SO’ late to have your neighbors over.

*not sure if I had mentioned before, we had old fans from my parents house up in there before to circulate air, but they were wobbly and rusty from being in storage. We decided to keep those for our garage or shop and put newer models into the house now that we feel like we can ‘afford’ it. I use that term loosely, as we are doing it on 0% credit for 12 months from the home store. Nevertheless, keeping older items to rehab them for an area where aesthetics don’t really matter.


  1. The Cave:
    Wallpaper – – which might be awkward to put up in those angles.
    Lots of posters – which could be rotated regularly.
    Go for a 70’s look and put up paneling of some kind

  2. I was thinking maybe beadboard. It’s a very thin panel of wood that can be nailed or screwed to the wall (or even glued) and it can be painted. I don’t think it’s terribly expensive. The home improvement store should have it.

    It sounds like you’re closing in on getting it all done. I think my house will be a work in progress for quite some time.

    BTW, my Fun Monday is up! Don’t forget to put me on the list of partipants!

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