When wives of male friends don’t have similar personalities…

If you’re in my life, you’re fair game as far as my blog goes. I won’t mention any names, but a friend of my husband came over to help with our upstairs. Great. He has a stepson that’s in 5th grade and a baby that’s about 6 months old with his wife (obviously, the older child is hers too). He convinced her to come too. (Note, apparently to get her out of the house so says my husband said her husband).

Right before and after she had the baby, she seemed to warm up to me a little bit. I’m pretty reserved as it is and it takes me a while to ‘get’ people sometimes. I don’t know how to take them, but I DO make an effort, even if it’s obvious it will be painful for everyone involved. ‘Cause I’m nice like that. Also I’ve been burned repeatedly and don’t take to other people’s ignorance very well. I live by the golden rule. I’m nice to you, because I want to be treated nicely in return.

Fast forward, now she has a job and therefore no longer ‘has anything in common with me’ basically. She doesn’t stay home anymore, so she doesn’t act like she can communicate with me. Or something. Since nothing else has changed, that’s the only thing I can ‘pin’ it on.

I spent the whole time attempting to engage her in conversation, keeping Keeley from touching her baby (which she put on the floor AND the couch without a blanket under him–spit up and poop happens, we all know it, at least try and prevent it from hitting my stuff, okay, it might not be ‘awesome’ but that doesn’t mean I want vomit on it), talking to her grade schooler, and then while she was busy watching tv shows on her laptop that she brought with her, *excuse me, but WTH???–keep reading, giving her baby back his pacifier, as she was turned completely away from him, ignoring him, with him in his carseat ‘watching’ tv. She didn’t pay attention to either kid for at least 1/2 of the 6 hours they were here. I finally gave up and just talked to her kids and sewed for the last hour.

Now, okay, sometimes I left Keeley in her bouncy seat while I did stuff on the computer, or in her swing, but she was always FACING ME AND NOT THE TV. I never put in earplugs to tune her out. I talked to her and tickled her, and so on.

I also *never went to someone else’s house and took a computer, book or anything to distract myself from them. Her husband told mine (as he was peeking down to see us on opposite sides of the room, not talking)… “I don’t think that our wives exactly get along” — well you know, dude, when your wife specifically brings a computer to watch tv shows instead of talk to me, that does irk me a little bit. Kind of hard to get to know someone or talk to them with earplugs in their ears.

It doesn’t irk me enough to comment or actually hold a grudge, but seriously. DO NOT POINT BLAME FOR YOUR WIFE BRINGING SOMETHING ELSE TO DO AND IGNORING ME-sure as heck got 4 fingers pointing back in your direction. Not my fault in the slightest. I would have happily chatted about what babies do at that age, men, etc. etc. Due to the fact that she premeditated the computer and video downloads, I’m not sure how that could be construed as anyone’s fault that lives in THIS house anyway!

Also, I never left my kid in any diaper during the day, for an hour’s worth of travel, plus 2.5 hours worth of ‘visiting’. Nor would I have fed her at that age and not changed her, or not changed her AGAIN before sticking her back in the car (after 3.5 hours of having it on) for another hour. One diaper change in SIX hours. Maybe it was a super spongy one or something, but still.

I know sometime’s people’s personalities don’t mesh, but I swear it wasn’t from lack of me trying.

I had a whole lot of “If you can’t say anything nice” today. You’ll excuse me, won’t you, for the rant today? Thank you. Please return to your regularly scheduled blogging!


  1. Oh, my. So rude. She should have just stayed home. You have a right to rant and I would ask my husband not to make this a repeat. Ugh.

  2. oh.my.word. who the heck does something like that? doesn’t sound like someone you WANT to get to know anyway but how flippin RUDE!!!

  3. I would tell my husband to tell his friend to leave her home next time. Not only was she rude to you, but her presence prevented you from getting anything done (an important thing in the pre-holiday time!). I hate it when people waste my time like that.

  4. I hope this doesn’t sound as rude as your guest, but after the first 30 or so minutes of her watching tv and not responding to me, I think I’d have gotten up and done the dishes or gone and chatted with the men.

    The lack of diaper changing is just gross.

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